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Posted by Otis Chandler on April 1, 2008
We're happy to announce that we just launched a feature that I personally have been waiting for for a long time - top friends! Top friends let you choose which of your friends are 'top friends', and then you can choose to see updates from just those friends on your Goodreads homepage. Your profile page will also show your top friends first.

One of the biggest problems a social network faces at it matures is that as members use the site and make friends their friend lists grow with lots of people they don't actually know. This is a particular problem for Goodreads, because book recommendations are really best from friends - people you really know (or have come to know).

So we're very excited about top friends, because now you can be a little less picky about accepting friends, without worrying about missing updates from those you really care about!

To start using top friends, click on the 'friends' tab and use the checkboxes to choose your top friends. Then navigate to the homepage and click the 'top friends' toggle at the top! Don't worry - your friends won't know if they are a top friend or not.

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message 1: by Max (new)

Max Nemtsov dear Otis,

sorry for the off-topic, but is the country filter in the friends section dead? it was very useful

didn't find any other place where i could ask this, you see

message 2: by Otis (new)

Otis Chandler You can always ask questions like that in the Goodreads Feedback group.

message 3: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Is there a way to un-top-friend someone? I accidentally clicked the tick box and am not sure how to undo!

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