Goodreads on NPR

Posted by Otis Chandler on March 21, 2008

NPR's All Things Considered show did a story yesterday about Goodreads and the book social networking phenomenon called Web Sites Let Bibliophiles Share Books Virtually.

Several book social networks were mentioned in the piece, however it closed with several quotes about Goodreads, and we were very pleased with it. It was amazing to see my 30 minutes of interview condensed to two quotes!

The best part of the piece is that I think NPR's audience is perfect for Goodreads. So hopefully a few more people who were commuting yesterday and caught the show will read a book when they get home instead of turning on the tube. If you need a recommendation on what to read, we can help :)

As an aside, one rather hilarious blogger had a funny take on NPR's audience in a post about public radio.

ps. NPR just pointed out to me that the story is #1 on NPR's top 25 emailed list!

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message 1: by Barry (new)

Barry I heard that story. I drove home and joined GoodReads.

message 2: by Pokemon999 (new)

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