Posted by Otis Chandler on March 21, 2008
We got an email the other day from the folks running an interesting online event called Pulse Blogfest. Now we get lots of these types of emails lately, but this one actually had some interesting content and got me thinking.

The "blogfest" seems to be a collection of dozens of authors in the Young Adult category answering various questions about their work, their inspiration, etc. We've started to host online Author Q&A's lately, and I think its a lot of fun for fans to actually connect with authors. I like their idea of collecting a group of authors in a category and doing a shotgun approach of generating interview content. Maybe Goodreads will have to try a "blogfest" sometime!

Goodreads is primarily a place for readers, but the number of authors on the site is growing quickly. We want to continue helping to build bridges between the two worlds, but only if we can do it without sacrificing any quality on the reader end. Any feedback on how to do so is always appreciated in the comments or in the Feedback Group!

Here was a choice answer to the question "What is the strangest thing you have ever gotten inspiration from?" from the Blogfest:

"The idea for Angels on Sunset Boulevard came from visiting an In-n-Out Burger on Sunset Boulevard one night at around one in the morning. I was just struck by the diversity of kids in the place, everyone from Beverly Hills princesses in their Porsche Cayennes to these skater-rat kids with tattoos doing flips in the parking lot. It was really cool, and really young—(some of the kids looked like they were twelve years old!) and it made me wonder—who were all these kids? What did they do at night? And it sparked the idea for the book...that there was some secret cult in Los Angeles that all kids from every background belonged to."

I've been to that In-n-Out, and agree it was very interesting!


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