Partnering with Booktour to bring authors to a venue near you!

Posted by Otis Chandler on March 10, 2008
Goodreads events just got a lot better, as we tripled the size of our events to over 3,500 upcoming events by partnering with BookTour.

BookTour's mission is to "Create the worlds biggest and best listing of author events in the world" - and thats exactly what they've done. Our mission is to help people enjoy reading books, part of which is certainly to help people realize that their favorite authors may be in town!

So with Goodreads' knowledge of which books people like, and BookTour's knowledge of where the authors of those books are, we have a much new and improved events list.

I was at a conference recently and saw a talk by Seth Godin - and I was very entertained. Writing books is a secondary gig for Seth - his full time job is traveling and giving speeches. Some authors (about 1% of them) have no trouble selling books. But today if an author wants their ideas heard, then need to be marketing themselves. Two great ways to do that include listing events on BookTour, and joining the Goodreads Author Program.

See if there are any exciting events hear you!


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