Announcing GoodReviews - our first review writing contest!

Posted by Jessica on March 4, 2008
All of us at Goodreads are always combing the site for good reviews. Sometimes the best reviews are laugh out loud funny, some are controversial, and others contain inspiring displays of literary prowess. We want to give our members a chance to shine, so we're thrilled to launch our monthly book review contest, GoodReviews. This month we have In Defense of Food, The Witch of Portobello, and The Great Gatsby for you to pick apart, praise, and analyze.

This month's winner will be announced in the March newsletter, and new books for the coming month will be listed. Winning reviews will be featured on Goodreads, and each winner will receive an Amazon gift certificate.

This contest is a work in progress, so also tell us what you think. What books would you like to see featured on GoodReviews in coming months, or maybe you'd like to see a different kind of contest? We're taking suggestions for both review contests and creative writing contests. You post, we listen.

Only one week left before this month's deadline, so submit your reviews today by posting on GoodReviews! (Please read the rules posted in the group before you submit).

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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah sounds great! how about a booksense gift certificate instead though? or maybe a choice between an amazon OR a booksense gift certificate?

message 2: by Kristin (new)

Kristin Please don't forget the poetry...

message 3: by Juliana (new)

Juliana It's really an excelent idea! I love this website because you guys are so creative. :)

I'll try and see if I manage to read any of these books in this month, lots of school works to do and all that jazz but I'll try anyway.


message 4: by h (new)

h goodreads just keeps getting better! great idea!

message 5: by Ken (new)

Ken Can you do another review if you've already reviewed one of those books? Or do you just need to replace your existing review?

Apollos.Dark.Eden_ that sounds good! but a poetry contest might be good also...?

The Library Lady How about adding some kids books to that?

message 8: by Jenny (new)

Jenny Sounds great and fun but I really don't like your book choices, I have never heard of any of them. Maybe you could include some kids books and hen you'll have participants with varied ages! A poetry contest or a short story contest would be good!

message 9: by Marla (new)

Marla Jenny to me this would be the whole idea! Inspiring us to read a book that maybe we normally wouldn't have picked up. That's the best part of reading - you never know what treasures you may find!

message 10: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Newengland--
If you've already reviewed the book on Goodreads, all you need to do is post that review in the GoodReviews group (otherwise, we won't know who among the hundreds of reviewers for each book wants to be considered in the competition).

message 11: by Tracy (new)

Tracy As well as including kids books, I'd like to see graphic novels included in the review selections. Good luck to everybody in the contest!

message 12: by Betsy (new)

Betsy I'll agree with everyone else about the children's books!

message 13: by alina (new)

alina sultani plz dont forget about poetry

message 14: by Saghar (new)

Saghar Great idea!

message 15: by Saghar (new)

Saghar I think kids books are a great idea too. Encouraging kids to take part and post comments.

message 16: by Novel Currents (new)

Novel Currents Great idea, but one week notice? You're restricting this contest to those already familiar with one of the books or who have the time to read quickly. Not good.

message 17: by Janelle (new)

Janelle I agree with Michael. One week is not enough notice for those who have not read one of the selected books already. I suggest a two week minimum, one month would be ideal.

message 18: by Danna (new)

Danna Wow........I want Goodread to announce a contest of reading some books or something. Something VERY FUN, VERY EXETING!

message 19: by Danna (new)

Danna Oops, I spelled it wrong, plz dont mind that.

message 20: by Danna (new)

Danna And I want Goodreads to be a famous website so everybody in the whole world would know and my other friends in other places could go on here also.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

I like writing and poetry contests! Maybe some childrens books to review, or young adult! I personally would like to see some books that teens and pre-teens can read and review!

message 22: by Leonardo (new)

Leonardo Michael is right.

message 23: by Mollie (new)

Mollie I second that--- BookSense all the way!

message 24: by Frank (new)

Frank Can I say Graphic Novels?!!!!! How about screen plays and scholarly books from various fields? Mine includes religion and theology.

message 25: by PoetryK (new)

PoetryK I agree, in the future for a month or three, please include some poetry collections to review.

message 26: by Aliya (new)

Aliya Schwerner I wouldn't mind entering a contest for reading, because I love to do it anyway, but why not choose books that people enjoy reading? jmo of course...

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