New Goodreads Homepage Now Rolling Out to Everyone!

Posted by Maryana Pinchuk on August 2, 2016
Get ready for a faster, more beautifully designed new homepage! Last month, we demoed the new page as a beta, and now we're excited to announce that it will be gradually rolling out to all members over the course of this week.

On the new homepage, you’ll find the features you love, but on a faster, more responsive new layout. We’ve also added more features and made some adjustments to the beta design, thanks to feedback from the thousands of Goodreads members who tested it.

“Goodreads launched in 2007, and in recent years, improving the user experience has been one of the most requested enhancements by our members,” said Otis Chandler, CEO and co-founder of Goodreads. “With this new design, our aim was to make the homepage feel like a home for all readers, while still sparking the feeling of serendipitous discovery you get when browsing bookshelves at your friend’s house or in the library or bookstore."

Let’s take a quick tour!

It's All About You

On the left side of the page, you’ll find everything about your reading:

Currently Reading. Here’s a reminder about everything you’re reading, plus a quick way to update your progress. Juggling more than three books at a time? You can click “See More” to show more of what you’re reading.

2016 Reading Challenge. How’s your Reading Challenge going? See your stats at a glance here and get encouragement to meet your goal! And it’s still not too late to start – set your goal and challenge yourself to read more this year!

Want to Read. We show you the latest books you’ve added to your Want to Read list so you’re never at a loss for reading inspiration.

All Your Shelves. Get a bird’s eye view of all your shelves, including any custom ones you’ve created, and dive into any instantly.

Find & Discuss Books With Your Friends

Connecting with friends over a love of books is at the heart of Goodreads, and it's still the center of the homepage:

Endless Scrolling. There's no stopping you now! Scan your latest updates without any extra loading time and never miss out on an important update.

Bigger Books. We’ve made book covers the star of each update and included book descriptions, too, to help you decide if this is the book for you.

Let’s talk. It’s now easier to jump into discussions with your friends about what they’re reading. Show some love for their latest review, or challenge them to defend why they couldn’t stand your favorite book!

Inspire Me!

Looking for book recommendations? There's something here for you, too. You’ll find:

Recommendations. Uncover hidden gems from readers with similar book tastes to you. It’s highly personalized, but also aims to offer up some surprises. Check out your recommendations today!

Editorial. Looking for inspiring, creative, and thought-provoking blog posts? You’ll find them here. Discovering a new book has never been so fun!

And It’s Faster, Too!

You’ll notice that the new page loads much more quickly, the features are snappy to use, and the layout adapts to smaller computer screens and tablets. We chose the React framework to power the new UI, allowing us to make the page more responsive and faster to load than ever before, as well as providing our engineering team (we're hiring!) with the tools for building more high-quality interactive content.

Your Group and Book Discussions

If you follow group and book discussions on Goodreads, you can now access them from every page on Goodreads, not just the homepage. Simply follow the “Discussions” link from the Community menu in site navigation.

Thank you to everyone who tested our beta and gave us feedback! Our work to improve the Goodreads experience is never done, and we’ll continue incorporating more of your suggestions on the homepage and other parts of Goodreads.

If this is your first time experiencing our redesigned homepage or you want to give more feedback now that it’s live, please take this survey and let us know what you think. If you have more questions about the new design, please visit this thread.


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