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Posted by Otis Chandler on January 14, 2008
We've launched quite a few changes since the New Year. Here is a brief summary of them!

Which groups have this book
This one's really cool - now when viewing a book you can see which groups have added it to their shelf. This has turned out to be a great way to find cool groups, as now you just have to browse your favorite books!

Now when writing a review you can mark it as container plot spoilers or not. This was a top-requested feature, and will ease the conscience of those who like to write spoilers in their reviews!

Private notes
Another new field when adding a review is private notes. These are what they sound like - a text field thats for your eyes only. Use it to mark who you lent your copy of the book to, or for whatever else you want to remember that you don't want to put in the public review!

Who recommended me this book?
One last field when adding a book review is the ability to mark who recommended the book to you. This is a neat one, as once we get enough data we'll be able to show really cool stats on how far your recommendations go, or who the best recommender's are!

New fields for each book
We added a slew of new fields to each book, which should help our Goodreads Librarians as they continually add information to improve our catalog. The fields are: which characters are in the book, literary awards, setting (country & postal code), and primary language.

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Lots of wonderful additions :) thank you

I would love an 'inbox' link in the top frame ;-)

home, my books, friends, ... inbox

:) Cathrine

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