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Posted by Otis Chandler on January 7, 2008
Here's a quick update on the Author Q&A groups feature we launched last year. We launched the feature for author Barbara Delinsky, but we made it available to any author who wanted to form a Q&A group to directly interact with interested readers.

We're happy to say, as announced in our December newsletter, that author David Liss's Q&A group kicked off today. David has written many interesting sounding novels, but after reading the descriptions and reviews I'm most eager to try The Coffee Trader.

We have 8 Author Discussion Groups created so far. Everyone says authors are solitary creatures so we weren't exactly expecting a flood, but some of them seem to be experimenting with it - which is all we could hope for :)

Some stats on how the Barbara Delinsky's Q&A Group went: 100 people joined the group, 20 of whom participated in some lively discussion. The number of books by Barbara Delinsky added to member profiles in November (the month Barbara was participating) increased 550% (from 36 in Oct to 200 in Nov). Many of those books were added to the 'to-read' shelf, indicating an increased interest in Barbara's books. These numbers aren't rock-your-socks-off, but they did represent significantly increased interest, and Barbara seemed happy with the experiment.

Here is a graph showing books by Barbara added during the time she did her discussion group:

Make sure you check out David Liss's Q&A group! And if you have suggestions for which other Goodreads Authors you'd like to see do a Q&A group, please let us know!

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