Goodreads in Iran

Posted by Otis Chandler on January 2, 2008
There was a very interesting article about Goodreads in todays LA Times titled Unlikely forum for Iran's youth.

I think even we learned things about how people are using Goodreads from the article, which was very well researched. Here is one of my favorite quotes from the article:

"In a country where public meeting spaces such as coffeehouses and shisha, or hookah, cafes are shuttered without warning and young people face an ever-changing set of rules dictating what they can and cannot do, Goodreads is a refuge."

One correction to the article, which states that Goodreads is "more than one-fifth Iranian", is that we are actually only 6% Iranian in terms of both traffic and membership. Alexa seems to think otherwise, which is the likely culprit of the miss-information. Goodreads is very international, with members in 229 countries. In 35 of those countries we have over one thousand members. But the US accounts for bulk of members, at 75% of the total, which just passed 700,000!

Goodreads is a site designed around reading, but it's also designed to facilitate conversation around what people read. And it's amazing and interesting to learn more about how our Iranian members are using the site. We have over 2,000 groups formed on Goodreads, of which almost 200 are formed by Iranian members. Goodreads supports most foreign languages for user-generated content, so many of the Iranian groups are in Persian and are hard to read (like the Great Persia group).

We have long been aware of our popularity in Iran, and it has even forced us to start to separate our top lists by country under explore and meet people. The most popular book in Iran this month? It's in Persian, so if someone knows what it is please let us know in the comments :)

The article also mentions that most larger social networking sites like MySpace and Youtube are blocked in Iran, at the bequest of the Iranian government. For our Iranian members sake, we'll have to hope they don't block Goodreads now!

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message 1: by Femmy (new)

Femmy I wonder how many Indonesian members there are on goodreads. :-)

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