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Posted by Otis Chandler on December 13, 2007
Groups have undergone some major changes lately! Here is a brief overview of all the new goodies for your book club or discussion group or whatever else you're using groups for.

discussion search
A top requested feature, and sorely needed - now search all discussion topics in each group!

new navigation
Now each group has a consistent navigation on the upper right side. Our testing showed a *huge* increase in group usability with this.

discussion topic folders
Organize your group's topics into folders. Only the moderator can create folders and arrange their order, but anyone creating a topic can choose which folder it should go in. We had a few launch bugs with this, but we've gotten most of them sorted out.

sort members
Ever wondered "who's in this group anyways?" Now when you view a groups members you can sort by last online, number of books, number of posts in the group, date the person joined the group, or first name. Good stuff!

multiple moderators
A popular request was to allow multiple moderators in a group, and now you can! If you're a moderator you can add more moderators on the members page.

Thats it for now, but more to come! Next up is custom shelves in each group.

Check it out!

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message 1: by Stewart (new)

Stewart What's really needed is a decent set of tags so that people can link to a page for a book or author, like others would do on a general forum or, with artists and whatnot on

I get slightly miffed when reading a post and I see an author getting mentioned, yet nobody puts a link to the author (or book's) page.

Something like this is what I mean:

[author]Stephen King[/author]
[book]The Shining[/book]

So, if I were to be making an example post about an author such as [author]Stephen King[/author] then I would use the custom tags so I could link to one of his books, such as [book]The Shining[/book] and the page, once back from being processed by the server, would convert the tags into an actual link to the author or book in question.

Google would have a field day with all the interconnecting links, people may be inspired to check out new authors/books when they are only a link away, rather than having to copy and paste their names into a search box.

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