MySpace is trying the Microsoft approach

Posted by Otis Chandler on November 28, 2007
The recent announcement that MySpace is finally launching a 'news feed' really made me laugh. At first I thought "I can't believe they are a whole year behind Facebook". All my friends have switched to Facebook anyways, so in my mind MySpace has circling the pit of despair for some time.

However this reminded me of another company that takes a similar tactic: Microsoft. Microsoft is continually launching things that other companies have launched years before, however it often doesn't matter because they are so large they can get instant market share. I don't think MySpace has that luxury however, so they better watch out. MySpace has seemed dead in the water to me ever since they moved their offices from Santa Monica to Fox's corporate headquarters in Beverly Hills.

The really funny part is that without a doubt the reason they are finally building a news feed is that they needed one to correctly implement Open Social. I think we're going to see a lot of social network standardization from Open Social - should be very interesting times!

As a side note, the concept of a 'news feed' is not new, but it is very useful. Goodreads has had a basic one since launch, and we made it even better this summer. The number one thing people want to know when they come to a website is 'whats new?', and the update feed gives the answer very clearly. The web 1.0 version is called a blog :)


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