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Posted by Hayley on May 1, 2015

Where do you read? Do you sprawl out in the park? Or do you have a cozy coffee shop with the perfect you-sized reading nook? Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, we want to see the view. We promise we won't get jealous—well, not too jealous—if you're currently reading on vacation, flipping pages on a balmy, sun-soaked beach. (Just take us with you next time, okay? San Francisco can get a little gloomy.)

Send us your photos on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #GoodreadswithaView!

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message 1: by jakira (new)

jakira I usually tend to read in class a lot and at home. If it's warm outside, I'd read out there:)

message 2: by ella (last edited May 01, 2015 05:16PM) (new)

ella Just on the couch, at home! Outside sometimes too, I guess. And school.

message 3: by Faery (new)

Faery At home, usually in bed or on a couch. And at school, if I have the time.

message 4: by Kim (new)

Kim L. I read in class, when my friends are talking about things that I don't care and at home :) usually when it's late.

message 5: by Madison (new)

Madison N. in my bed or on the back porch.

message 6: by Jessy (new)

Jessy on the couch ,in bed ,when waiting at doctor,s appointments and the railway station.

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda I usually read on the couch or in my husband's chair after he goes to bed, or in bed or on the deck, or in the car (when I am not driving of course. :-)) I pretty much read anywhere and everywhere. :-)

message 8: by rose (new)

rose I read wherever I can :)

message 9: by Lori (new)

Lori I usually read in the living room especially in the cold months in Michigan. But in the warmer weather it is outside relaxing in the sun. I lose track of time I get to involved in a good book.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

In a box, with a fox. In a house, with a mouse. I will read books here and there. I will read them ANYWHERE!

message 11: by Amber (new)

Amber Kestner In my bedroom with coffee and a good book usually not unless it is nice outside some times i'll read at the park or go to the library depending on my mood, oh yes in the car(no, I don't drive), in a hotel room for over nights or couple nights. It just all depends where i'm located.

message 12: by Ines (new)

Ines In the train when I go to or come from work/classes. When it's sunny I like to go to the balcony and read there. That's also my spot whenever I need to read more digital documents/news (I still prefer paper books). Bed is also nice especially because you can sit in different positions :)

message 13: by Donna (new)

Donna In my car if I am listening to an audiobook. Otherwise, in bed before I go to sleep.

message 14: by Jolie (new)

Jolie In bed, before I go to sleep. On car trips. On the couch when my 19 month old is napping. While I eat supper or lunch.

message 15: by Anna (last edited May 01, 2015 05:10PM) (new)

Anna I read in my room at my desk, on my bed, outside on the porch, outside on a swing, and in the car a lot. (I don't drive! :D)

message 16: by BookWitch_Namine (new)

BookWitch_Namine I read in my room, on the sofa, downstairs, the occasional outside or somewhere away from town, and at school whenever possible.

message 17: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Farrell Wherever. I read in my room, by the lake, on the deck, on the floor, walking (depending on the intensity of the book and the readability). Also in bed.

message 18: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth I've got a long bus trip to and from uni, so I usually read there. I also some times sneak in an hour or so in bed before I go to sleep

message 19: by Derpa (new)

Derpa I have normal answers, like on my sofa or in my bed. But I also really, really like reading in my bathtub. Also, while travelling. I just get annoyed extremely easily in a crowd, so yeah.

message 20: by Pamela(AllHoney) (new)

Pamela(AllHoney) At my computer, in my car while I wait (while parked) or when I'm a passenger, in my comfy recliner, or where ever I have a chance.

message 21: by Janet (new)

Janet I usually read at home in bed but now I'm reading more at the library. There are less distractions and I can always find something else to read that I don't own. I'm pretty sure the guards and the check out people are sick of seeing me there though lol. I would love to read at a beautiful park though.

message 22: by Chris (new)

Chris Jakira wrote: "I usually tend to read in class a lot and at home. If it's warm outside, I'd read out there:)"


message 23: by Kike (new)

Kike Ramos at home on my bed. But I'd like to find a coffee shop that I could go to read on a regular basis

message 24: by Rin (new)

Rin On the couch or on my bed

message 25: by Geeju (new)

Geeju At home on my bed or in the living room.

message 26: by Kaotic (new)

Kaotic At the foot of my bed I have three bookshelves that form a circle, covering the opening entrance (you enter by sliding by the end of my bed) is a curtain that wraps around the entirety of the "Book Room" I've created. Inside I have a seat that I can read and and be surrounded by books. I also have a small iHome hooked up in the room (well room inside a room) so I can have light music playing while I read.

message 27: by ladyanna7 (new)

ladyanna7 outside/porch, kitchen, den

message 28: by Roya (new)

Roya In bed.

message 29: by Artaban (new)

Artaban Zahir I read everywhere... even walking... but mostly on my resting chair in my bedroom ... or listening everywhere if audio...

Melissa ~*I Talk Wordy About My Books*~ I God,I admit, I'm always envious and sad when I see or hear of everyone's awesome reading spots. "Someday maybe" is always what I say that things will change for something I wish for. Agoraphobic here so at home in my room and any pics wouldn't matter. Nothing special about it except the books because someday maybe.....I'll have somebody offline who cares to hear about my book experiences. So, beautiful reading scenery.......Someday Maybe.......

Another awesome blog post. I'm sure you're going to get some amazing pictures:)

message 31: by Zezee (new)

Zezee On the bus, train, car, plane...anything that moves. For some reason I'm able to focus better in vehicles.

message 32: by Ahmed (new)

Ahmed Kassem on my laptop :O

message 33: by Jason (last edited May 01, 2015 06:39PM) (new)

Jason I have my spot (Shelden style) on the couch. During the daytime, I've got nice indirect lighting from a window behind me. At night, I've got my favorite lamp. I also put some light indie music on Pandora on the Roku, set the volume low and drink some white tea. Seriously, I have a ritual. Reading is the single most relaxing thing in the world. :-)

message 34: by Julie (new)

Julie Every I can and some places I shouldn't! I always have a book - either hard copy, Kindle or Kindle phone always able to turn pages!

message 35: by Carrie (new)

Carrie At the lake...*pic coming soon*

message 36: by iska (new)


message 37: by Rani (new)

Rani Musa anywhere, usually brought whenever i go alone

message 38: by Pinky (new)

Pinky That's a beautiful place to read! I read on my couch, sometimes me and my friends read outside. We read under a tree where it is very peaceful.

message 39: by حماس (new)

حماس I read in my Lovely Bed =) =)

message 40: by Crestial (new)

Crestial Wintersmith My castle aka my house aka my room. I enjoy reading on my couch while listening to musics.

message 41: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Bruno I usually read in my room on my bed or in my chair

message 42: by Constanza (new)

Constanza In the bus or on my bed <3

message 43: by Joanne (new)

Joanne Anywhere and everywhere!

message 44: by Kristina (new)

Kristina I read during my work commute, or at home in my room. In the summer I'll try to find time to read outdoors, usually a nearby park or my backyard.

message 45: by Nhi (new)

Nhi Anywhere, whenever I have a free moment.

message 46: by Grace (new)

Grace I read in the subway!

message 47: by M.J. (new)

M.J. Doherty Anywhere, whenever I can :)

message 48: by Tessa (new)

Tessa in Mid-Michigan Janet wrote: "I usually read at home in bed but now I'm reading more at the library. There are less distractions and I can always find something else to read that I don't own. I'm pretty sure the guards and the ..."
Janet, believe me, we're happy to see people who are there to read and use the library!! it makes us glad to know someone still reads books.

message 49: by Tessa (new)

Tessa in Mid-Michigan Anywhere except a moving vehicle. A huge burden that I get carsick...always have.

message 50: by Ian (last edited May 01, 2015 08:36PM) (new)

Ian Usually at a café...this is an old photo ... I think I've been through a couple of Kindles since this one, but I still go to this café. The food is OK (nothing special) but the coffee is amazing. Australia has pretty much the best coffee in the world and because I travel a lot I drop into a lot of different cafés and this is amongst the best coffee I've ever had.


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