We Are Smarter Than Me

Posted by Otis Chandler on August 30, 2007
I found out about a new book today called We Are Smarter Than Me, which was written in a collaborative manner using a wiki. I think this is pretty cool. Open source books are nothing new - there are many examples of blogs turning into books. One of my favorites is Joel on Software, a popular tech blog that became a book. There are many more examples. Publishing in installments is also nothing new - The Three Musketeers, published 1844, was originally published in serial form in the French magazine Le Siècle.

But using a wiki is a much more rare approach, and I think is starting to hint on what can happen when you combine book publishing with the power of social software. Imagine if every book you read was full of links and dynamic interludes. Or if books were more of a full media experience, with photos and videos to accompany them. Sort of a movie/audio book/novel mashup. I'm starting to rant now, but I couldn't end this post without mentioning that there are even some novels starting to be written in the Goodreads Writing section, and we're hoping to continue that trend!


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