Independent Book Blogger Awards Winners Revealed!

Posted by Patrick Brown on May 16, 2012

Goodreads and the Association of American Publishers are pleased to announce the winners of the first-ever Independent Book Blogger Awards. Designed to showcase the incredible talent working in the book blogging community today, this year's award winners are standouts in their field.

Goodreads members flooded the polls for this inaugural IBBA, with nearly 10,000 people voting for more than 800 blogs. And the topics the blogs covered were extraordinarily diverse: a recap of World Book Night; a post about favorite literary quotes; a Fify Shades of Grey read-along. After the Goodreads community narrowed the field to fifteen finalists in four categories, a panel of book industry professionals judged each blog for its caliber of writing and design, depth of knowledge, and the quality of the discussion it generates.

The winning blogs exemplify what book blogging is about: building community. Without further ado, here are the 2012 winners of the Independent Book Blogger Awards!

Each of these bloggers will receive a trip to New York City for the upcoming Book Expo America 2012, the premiere conference and trade show for the publishing industry, and the BEA Book Bloggers Conference. Congratulations to the four winners and thanks to everyone who entered or voted in this year's awards!

Finalists in the Independent Book Blogger Awards are:

Adult Fiction: TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog; Parajunkee's View; Vampire Book Club; LITERAL ADDICTION; Paranormal Reads; Fantasy-Faction;; AuthorJess; Words With Writers; How Novelistic; Not Another Romance Blog; Books . . . Looks and Takes by Eleanor Anders; The True Book Addict; Jen's Book Thoughts

Adult Non-Fiction: The Girl from the Ghetto; Jeannie Walker - Award Winning True Crime Author; The Parchment Girl; Reading, Writing, Working, Playing; Misfit Salon; At Home With Books; A Novel Affair; Scandalous Women; The Feminist Texican [Reads]; The Dunce Academy; World War ll London Blitz Diaries 1939-1945; The Well-read Naturalist; Janet Boyer Reviews; Notes From The Parsonage

Young Adult & Children's: I Am A Reader, Not A Writer; Once Upon a Twilight; Bookies; Children's Book-A-Day Almanac; The Midnight Garden; KindleObsessed;; Tumbling Books; Me, My Shelf and I; Paranormal Book Club; YA Bibliophile; Murphy's Library; Aileen's Thoughts; The Librarian Who Doesn't Say Shhh!

Publishing Industry: Author Michael J. Sullivan; Kris Wampler's Blog: A resource for indie writers; Writer. Publicist. Superhero.; EvilReads; Ink Drop Interviews Presents...; Indies Unlimited; The Great Gray Bridge; Vouched Books; Yours in Books; Life as a Publisher; Market My Words; Bookworm; Anne R. Allen's Blog; Leslie Lee Sanders

To view all 804 nominated blogs, please visit the Independent Book Blogger Awards page.

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message 1: by Susie (new)

Susie Thanks so much to Goodreads and the AAP! I'm so excited!

message 2: by Krista (new)

Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) Wow congratulations winners! This is fantastic

message 3: by Ali (new)

Ali (Ali's Bookshelf ) Congratulations to all the winners!!!

message 4: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea 1. Big congrats to the winners.

2. Looks like the VBC link isn't working up there, so here's the correct one: Vampire Book Club.

message 5: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Brown Chelsea [Vampire Book Club] wrote: "1. Big congrats to the winners.

2. Looks like the VBC link isn't working up there, so here's the correct one: Vampire Book Club."

Sorry about that, Chelsea. Fixed it for you. Congratulations on making the finals.

message 6: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Patrick wrote: "Sorry about that, Chelsea. Fi..."

No worries. A couple followers flagged it for me.

And thanks!

message 7: by Christina (new)

Christina Congratulations. I know that updating blogs daily and maintaining them consumes a bit of time, and your efforts are much appreciated.

message 8: by Wendy Darling (new)

Wendy Darling Thanks so much for hosting the contest, GoodReads! All of us owe so much to you for providing us with a great place to come together to share our love of books. Big congratulations to all the winners!

Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

message 9: by Connie (new)

Connie how do you do a book blog. Sorry buy I'm new

message 10: by Rogier (new)

Rogier Connie wrote: "how do you do a book blog. Sorry buy I'm new"

takes a lot of hard work ^_^

message 11: by Donalyn (new)

Donalyn We are so excited that our blog, Nerdy Book Club, has been honored by IBBA. Thank you!

message 12: by Therese (new)

Therese Goodreads, thanks so much for doing this. What a completely and utterly cool idea, to have a book blogger contest! I often feel kind of at sea with so many book blogs out there, and this gives me a great starting point of some good ones to follow. And I'm vicariously thrilled to think of you sending book bloggers off to Book Expo (fantastic idea for a prize!)

message 13: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Hamlett I am so excited to see that two of my favorite blogs made it! Congratulations to you all. :)

message 15: by Jodi (new)

Jodi Congratulations to all the winners and finalists alike.

message 16: by Asha (new)

Asha Seth Hearty Congratulations to the winners!!

message 17: by Jinu (new)

Jinu congrats guys

message 18: by Amber (new)

Amber Well done everyone!! Congrats to everyone including the other finalists! :) have a great trip winners!

message 19: by Julie (new)

Julie Congrats to all the winners and finalists!

message 20: by Diana (new)

Diana Medler Congrats to the winners and to all who made the cut. Everyone keep on writing on your blogs and know you make a difference in someone's life.

message 21: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Congrats to all the winners!

message 22: by Philip (new)

Philip Turner So glad to have been among the finalists. Thanks, Philip Turner, Curator/Writer of The Great Gray Bridge book blog.

message 23: by Rita (new)

Rita Jett Congrats winners!
And it's so cool to be a finalist, so thanks to those who voted and checked out my blog, too.

I live across the river in NJ, so maybe I'll still stop by and congrats everyone in person. Enjoy the expo!

message 24: by S.R. Johannes (new)

S.R. Johannes yay I (market my words) was finalist in publishing category ! woot woot

If you like a book marketing blog - come visit me :)

message 25: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Stockard Miller (True Book Addict) Congrats to the winners and I'm so thrilled to even be a finalist! Thank you!

message 26: by C.M. (new)

C.M. Brown Congratulations to all of the winners and the finalists, well done!

message 27: by Once (new)

Once congrats to the winners and Im so thankful that my site was a finalist!!!

message 28: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Stockard Miller (True Book Addict) I wish there was a finalist widget we could place on our blogs. *hint hint* =O)

message 29: by Once (new)

Once Michelle/ wrote: "I wish there was a finalist widget we could place on our blogs. *hint hint* =O)"

that would be great

message 30: by Jane (new)

Jane Greensmith Congrats to the winners!

So glad to see that my lil ole blog (Reading, Writing, Working, Playing) was in the top 15 for Adult Non-Fiction.

Thanks, everyone, who voted for me! :)

message 31: by Anne (new)

Anne Allen How nice to be a finalist! Thanks all!

message 32: by Anne (new)

Anne Allen Once Upon wrote: "Michelle/ wrote: "I wish there was a finalist widget we could place on our blogs. *hint hint* =O)"

that would be great"

I second that plea for a widget!!!

message 33: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Buike That is so awesome! I can't believe I was a finalist, and I look forward to trying again next year! :)

message 34: by Lancelot (new)

Lancelot Schaubert Thanks for the Opportunity, Goodreads & AAP.

Quick question-I thought that group blogs were automatically disqualified? Did I misunderstand that in the rules?

message 35: by Eileen (new)

Eileen Townsend Thanks Kathy for all your hard work.

message 36: by Aramamihai (new)

Aramamihai Congratulations to all of you for your hard work. If you want to find some fresh opinions on several subjects, you could check this

message 37: by Trenee (new)

Trenee I wish I made the list! Maybe next year.
Black Girl Lost in a Book -

Iris (InstagramREADS) Can't find mine on the list :(
How can I sign up our blog ?

message 39: by JMRZ (new)

JMRZ when does the 2013 contest begin? or rather, when can submissions be given for the next contest?

message 40: by Erik (new)

Erik Guess I'm echoing the folks above, but I'd love to be considered for the 2013 awards...

message 41: by Haji (new)

Haji Masthan Best prices for books.. no look back..

message 42: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Ross The Internet is so overwhelming!!! Thank you for narrowing the 'field' and bringing our attention to the best.

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