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Posted by Otis Chandler on July 17, 2007
Goodreads just got a whole lot better. Now on your Goodreads homepage you will find a bunch of exciting new updates. Previously we displayed new reviews and comments on reviews from your friends, but now we are also displaying new comments from book and group discussion boards, notifications when a friend joins a group, and notifications when a friend adds a new friend.

We are very excited about this because we feel it will help foster more interesting discussions and make Goodreads even more enjoyable! There's a lot of action right now in our groups and on our book discussion boards and we believe that friends will want to know where their friend are gathering and what they are saying.

Somewhat recently another site launched a similar feature and experienced a large backlash because of poor privacy settings. We'd like to avoid making that mistake, so we made great strides to make sure our members have complete control over what gets added to their Update Feeds. So please be sure to check out the new settings on your my preferences page.



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