The Year in Books in Review [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Patrick Brown on December 14, 2011

As 2011 winds to a close, we look back on the incredible year it was for reading and for Goodreads. Blockbuster books as diverse as the biography of a tech genius, a dystopian novel set in the Chicago of the future, and a comedic memoir by one of the funniest people on the planet were all popular on Goodreads. Young adult literature continued to break out in a big way with readers of all ages. Ereaders sold at an amazing pace, and publishers responded by making their physical books more beautiful than ever.

The infographic above shows some of the reading highlights of 2011, as well as some key events and the books that Goodreads members turned to to try to understand them.

The year 2011 has made one thing abundantly clear -- people still love to read, and the thirst for that next great book is still a pressing one. At Goodreads, we found that a book was added to a to-read shelf every second of the year. That's a lot of readers finding their next favorite book!

It's been a great year for us, as well. Not only have we passed 6.5 million members and 200 million books cataloged, we've also more than doubled the size of our team to 20! We acquired a company to help us execute one of our biggest projects to date -- personalized recommendations -- and it's been a huge success. Of course, we couldn't do any of it without you, the Goodreads community. Thank you for being part of our incredible 2011!

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message 1: by Hend (new)

Hend Aboul Gada yes people still love to read and passion of reading will never end :)

message 2: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Gloade-Raining Bird This is fantastic. I had no idea Tina Fey's Bossypants was most read. Surprising, but then again, not so surprising... better add it to my to-read!

message 3: by Reading Wolf (new)

Reading Wolf Wow. I can't believe all this happened in just one year.

message 4: by Abby (new)

Abby It only proves that a lot of people never stop reading for knowledge, wisdom and company.

message 5: by Berna (new)

Berna Labourdette Excelente! Muchas gracias por compartir esta información. :)

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Interesting graphic! I'm not sure why it's so surprising that someone would reference the Arab Spring in a Mockingjay review, though. It's thematically appropriate. Surprising would be if someone referenced the Arab Spring in a review of Bossypants.

message 7: by Navin (new)

Navin I kind of just loved this post. Feels like a huge library is marching on, empowering everybody along. Thump! thump! thump! thump!!!

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