National Book Award Controversy Leads to Interest in Snubbed Book

Posted by Patrick Brown on October 18, 2011
As you may have heard, the National Book Awards ran into controversy yesterday when author Lauren Myracle withdrew her novel Shine from consideration. The novel had mistakenly been named as a nominee in the category of Young People's Literature. The National Book Foundation added a sixth book to the list of nominees -- Chime by Franny Billingsley. This has led to public outcry in support of Shine and Myracle, and prompted the National Book Foundation to make a $5,000 donation to Matthew Shepard Foundation, which advocates for gay youth.

Interestingly, the outcry has led to a big spike in interest, but not for the new nominee Chime. While many people are adding Chime to their shelves, Myracle's Shine is having a moment in the sun on Goodreads, as the top trending book for the site yesterday. Have a look at the stats:

Perhaps this proves the old adage that "any publicity is good publicity?" Have you read either of the books? Are they on your to-read list?

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message 1: by Candy (new)

Candy Carrion I haven't read Shine yet, although I've really been wanting too. I did just finish reading Chime yesterday, and I wasn't too thrilled with it.

message 2: by J'aime (new)

J'aime Well, it got my attention now and I'll probably pick it up. Chime just didn't sound appealing. I had enough of a depressing protagonist in Archon, a girl wallowing in guilt doesn't sound like escapism to me.

message 3: by Parrisreddog (new)

Parrisreddog Parris, Jenah Shine sounds good. I added it to my to be read shelf. Chime does not sound nearly as good. I'll probably skip that one!

message 4: by Kaethe (new)

Kaethe Douglas I had both on my to-read list, but when Myracle was forced to withdraw, I felt compelled to start Shine immediately. At half-way through, I'm astounded they didn't keep it in the running.

Stephanie (Purdueliz) Baassler Shine has been on my list since that awful YA bashing article in WSJ.

message 6: by Kaethe (new)

Kaethe Douglas Stephanie, I think that was when I first added it to my list, too.

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