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The New Compare Prices Page, featuring Google eBooks

Posted by Patrick Brown on December 06, 2010
Just in time for the holiday season, Goodreads is thrilled to announce a feature that will make your online book shopping painless, simple, and fun. The new compare prices page will now show you the prices of books in any format that's available from one of our many affiliates, including our new partnership with Google. Planning on buying Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for your father this holiday season? No problem. Just click "buy a copy," and you can see all your online options in one place. How easy is that?

There's even a new special section for ebook editions, including the newly released and much anticipated Google eBooks edition. Goodreads is proud to be a flagship affiliate of the new Google eBooks program, which allows consumers to access and read their ebooks on most devices with internet access and a web browser, as well as on supported partner devices. We display Google eBooks prices in a special ebook section of our compare prices page, alongside Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle editions. We hope to add more options to both the physical and ebook sections of the compare prices page in the near future.

Goodreads is committed to offering you the greatest number of options possible when you shop for books online. There's even a section listing any available copies for swap!

The new compare prices feature is just one more reason to make Goodreads your first online stop for all things book-related. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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message 1: by Victoria (new)

Victoria This is great!

message 2: by colleen (new)

colleen Looks good. It's great to have all the information together like that.

message 3: by Shelleyrae (new)

Shelleyrae at Book'd Out Fabulous!

message 4: by Brackman1066 (new)

Brackman1066 I believe only kindles can read Amazon's ebooks, and Kindles can't read anyone else's? Why not include Sony and Borders' ebookstore so you can help people with a broader range of eReaders?

message 5: by Patrick, Product Manager (new)

Patrick Brown Brackman1066 wrote: "I believe only kindles can read Amazon's ebooks, and Kindles can't read anyone else's? Why not include Sony and Borders' ebookstore so you can help people with a broader range of eReaders?"

We would LOVE to feature affiliate links from those ebookstores. If they have affiliate set-ups similar to the stores featured, we will certainly add them.

message 6: by Colleen (new)

Colleen Clark Booklovers should support their local bookstores whenever and wherever possible. Amazon has a lot but you can NOT browse. I find a lot of my best books browsing at my local store, Harvard Bookstore, less than a mile walk from my house.
1256 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02138
Toll Free: (800) 542-READ
They also do mail order. It will cost more than Amazon, but you'll be supporting a great bookstore. And if you ever come to Cambridge you can come in and browse in person.
(I do NOT work for the bookstore nor do I have any financial interest, other than keeping the store going.)

message 7: by Sairakhan (new)

Sairakhan i like this post, this is great.
thanks for sharing this for books lover,

message 8: by Colleen (new)

Colleen Clark Sairakhan wrote: "i like this post, this is great.
thanks for sharing this for books lover,"

Thanks, maybe others will tell us about other good bookstores.

message 9: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind Very nice.

message 10: by Brackman1066 (new)

Brackman1066 @Colleen--when I lived where there was a brick-and-mortar store, I shopped there. Now I live 2 hours from the nearest bookstore. Browsing isn't really a frequent option for me, I'm afraid, or many others who don't live in or near cities, and mail-order doesn't let me browse any more than the google bookstore will. In fact, the google store plans to let independent bookstores sell through them, so it's giving them a corner of the ebookmarket (at least in theory).

message 11: by Colleen (new)

Colleen Clark @ Brackman - I'm sure many readers don't live near bookstores;others surely do. I just meant to remind readers not to forget real stores.

message 12: by Michele (new)

Michele What about including when ebooks are available for free or out of copyright at project gutenberg or internet archive, etc?

message 13: by Jan (new)

Jan I really am glad to find this site. Was directed to this site by a friend and couldn't believe what a choice you offer. I too live a long way from a brick and morter store and this was almost too good to be true Thanks

message 14: by PayLessDeal (new)

PayLessDeal It was so good to read about Goodreads has introduced such a nice feature to display books from their affiliates and comparison will make us a lot easy to decide which book we can buy, but I am unable to trace that how could one reach up to that pricing page? I mean how can we access that page??

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