Add a Goodreads Tab to your Facebook Fan Page

Posted by M on November 19, 2010
Attention Authors and other people with Facebook fan pages!

You can now show off your books and reviews to your Facebook fans by adding a Goodreads tab!

Note that Facebook is no longer allowing tabs to your Facebook profile, so this feature only applies to Facebook fan pages.

1. First, connect your facebook account
2. Navigate to the Goodreads App Page
3. Click "Add to my Page" in the menu on the left below the Goodreads photo and confirm. (NOTE: don't click "Go to App")
5. Click "Setup your Goodreads tab." You're done!

For example, check out the page for Goodreads Author Richard Hine's book Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch:

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message 1: by Ann (new)

Ann can we somehow add a Goodreads Group to our Fan Page?

message 2: by Otis (new)

Otis Chandler We were wondering if anyone would ask that - send an email to us with links to both!

message 3: by Ann (new)

Ann Sure! Thanks - which email address should I send them to?

message 4: by Lauren (new)

Lauren I'm looking to use the GoodReads app in fb to moderate discussions about what people are reading. is there any way for people to directly discuss the books listed in the tab? or would that kind of functionality only be possible on goodreads or on facebooks' wall?

message 5: by Mariya (new)

Mariya I can't find "Setup your Goodreads tab."

message 6: by Mariya (new)

Mariya okaiexz...i figured it out.

message 7: by Robyn (last edited Dec 13, 2010 05:17PM) (new)

Robyn Hawk Mariya wrote: "okaiexz...i figured it out."

Mariya - where did you find it - I can't see it! I just see add to profile!

message 8: by Delaney (new)

Delaney Diamond I've enabled the app, but the books I've added to my "to read" shelf aren't showing up. Anyone have a suggestion on why not?

message 9: by John (new)

John Corwin I'm pretty sure this app is broken...when I click to set it up, it goes to my goodreads recent updates page. When I go back to view my FB author page, it tells me it's not set up.

If this did work in the past, FB has changed something so it no longer does.

message 10: by Delaney (new)

Delaney Diamond I've never been able to get it to work on my fan page, so I set it up on my profile page. It works there.

message 11: by John (new)

John Corwin I removed it from my profile page, but it's still on my fan page and I'm not sure how to remove it. When I try to add it back to my profile page, it keeps taking me to Goodreads instead.

message 12: by M (last edited Sep 23, 2011 02:28PM) (new)

M Hi all,

I updated the instructions. Note that in Step 3, you don't click "Go to App", instead find "Add to my Page" in the menu below the Goodreads logo.

Hope that helps!

message 13: by Karin (new)

Karin Kaufman Argh, I'm having the same problems as everyone else. I click "Add to my page" and a window that reads "No results found" pops up. I've tried everything to add the app to my fan page. Is something broken?

message 14: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan Karin, we're in the process of upgrading a lot of the code that powers the page tabs. Adding/editing page tabs is temporarily unavailable, but I'm working hard to bring them back. I'll let you know as soon as I done.

message 15: by Karin (new)

Karin Kaufman Thanks so much for letting me know, Daniel. I appreciate it.

message 16: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan It should, I hope, be fixed later today. I'll let you know when it goes live.

message 17: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan We just release the code that'll let you create new page tabs again.

However, now that I've gone through the process of testing it out, your problems maybe unrelated to our code. You may have already added the tab, which is why you might not see it in the list.

Try going to your page, if you see goodreads in the bookmarks on the left under the profile photo, click it, then follow instructions.

If you don't, try 'edit page', which is a button on the top right of your page. In the left column, select 'apps'. If you see goodreads, click 'edit settings'. Then click the link to add the tab to your page. You should be able to go back to your page, then see goodreads in the list on the left, then click it to set up your tab.


message 18: by M (new)

M You can't add it to a profile page; they did stop allowing that a while back (

You have to have a Facebook Fan Page and add it to that.

message 19: by Robert (new)

Robert Gruett Daniel wrote: "We just release the code that'll let you create new page tabs again.

However, now that I've gone through the process of testing it out, your problems maybe unrelated to our code. You may have alr..."

Sorry Daniel, but I'm having a *lot* of trouble with this. In fact, I've been trying to set it up for weeks on my fan page without success. I can add the app to the page, and I can click EDIT PAGE, then click APPS, then click EDIT SETTINGS under the Goodreads app entry, but the only link available to me is the REMOVE link (apparently when you add the app from the Goodreads app page the tab is automatically added). The only thing I can do is click REMOVE, then save, then click ADD, then save again. Regardless, the tab *never* shows up.

After doing this I look at my (you called it bookmarks, but I see nothing to indicate it as such) bookmarks section under my fan page's profile picture, and sure enough, Goodreads is listed. However, when I click on it, I'm taken to a page on my Facebook fan page that shows the 'goodreads' logo at the top, then the text 'This tab has not been set up'. The only link available to me is the EDIT INFO link, which takes me to a page where I can edit my page author info. This isn't what I want or need. I need to get the tab to show up.

I'm seeing TONS of posts relating to problems setting this up. Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something? Perhaps GoodReads should put together a step-by-step instruction tutorial with screenshots, since none of the steps posted officially on the site or in threads like this fully address the issues. Just a thought, anyway.

For now I'll keep operating without the app, but I'd love to get it up and running on my fan page, so if you have any thoughts please post back.



message 20: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan Bob -

Very good idea about the screenshot instructions. We're in the middle of a major backend upgrade right now, so I won't be able to get to it right away, but I'll make a ticket for afterward.

In any case, it looks like you need to connect your facebook and goodreads accounts. Go to, then click on the button in the facebook section of that page.

Once you grant permissions, navigate back to the tab in facebook. That is the page that has the goodreads logo and 'This tab has not been set up'. It should let you set up the tab.

message 21: by Robert (new)

Robert Gruett Daniel wrote: "Bob -

Very good idea about the screenshot instructions. We're in the middle of a major backend upgrade right now, so I won't be able to get to it right away, but I'll make a ticket for afterward..."

Thanks Daniel. Following this extra step I was able to get the GoodReads app up on the page (BTW, the link you provided didn't work, just an FYI).

One last question, if you don't mind: I configured the GoodReads app to pull from my author page (versus a book page or a group page). Now that I've set that up, is there any easy way to change it down the road if I want to, or would I have to remove the app and re-add it from scratch to regain that option? I'm good either way, but I'd like to know the simples method of doing this.

Thanks again,

message 22: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan Bob-

I believe there is a link to edit those settings at the bottom of the the page, which only you can see. You may need to be signed into goodreads and facebook at the same time to make the link appear.

message 23: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  K Is there any way to have my updates (status and adding a book as currently reading) to my facebook page instead of my personal profile?

message 24: by Court (new)

Court Thanks! this is just what I needed!!

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

I get stuck at step 2... please check here --> (I did a quick screencast of the issue I'm having).

message 26: by Ezra (new)

Ezra I'm still unable to get this working. I get the same error as Emm does (When I attempt to go the the goodreads app on facebook--while signed into both facebook and goodreads--I get redirected back to goodreads.)

message 27: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan Emm and Ezra,

You're right, there doesn't seem to be a way to do this any more. We just merged our Goodreads app page and our fan page in Facebook, which seems to have dropped off the link.

I'll look into it and let you know when its solved. Thanks for the screencast, very helpful!


message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks for the response Daniel. Look forward to hearing when (if?) you have a solution. I would love to have the Goodreads app on my Facebook fan page, I think it's a brilliant idea.

message 29: by Joel (new)

Joel would also appreciate a fix for this -- i want to create a goodreads account for my book club and add it to my club's facebook fan page.

message 30: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan Hi all,

I made a quick slide show showing how to set up a page tab: .

These instructions assume that you have a Goodreads account and you've connected it with your Facebook account that admins your page, if not, go to and click "publish to facebook".

Fyi, there's been several technical changes, particularly Timeline, since the time we've built the page tabs. We're looking at ways to update the page tabs, but in the meantime, you may experience some sub-optimal things (like the redirect Ezra mentioned). I'll be sure to update when we roll out the changes.

message 31: by Joel (new)

Joel i have no idea what happened, but somehow i was able to successfully link my book club's goodreads account to my club's fan page while keeping my personal goodreads account exclusive to my personal timeline, even though everything is managed through one facebook account.

my request is that you never change any settings, ever, so this continues to work. thanks!

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

Hooray that worked! Thank you so much!

message 33: by AJ (Amber) (new)

AJ (Amber) Daniel, thank you so much for your slideshow. My problem is that after I click "Add App to Page" nothing happens, I don't get the "Add Page Tab" on the next slide...

message 34: by Joel (new)

Joel amber - you have to navigate to your page after adding the tab.

message 35: by Ezra (new)

Ezra Hey finally did get that up and running, thanks for the help.

message 36: by AJ (Amber) (new)

AJ (Amber) Joel wrote: "amber - you have to navigate to your page after adding the tab."

Doh! Thanks.

message 37: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Klehr For some reason at Step 3 (re the slideshow instructions) I get a window that says 'You must be the admin of at least one Facebook Page to perform the requested action.'

It's my profile. Obviously I'm an admin. Go figure?

message 38: by Joel (last edited Mar 25, 2012 04:23PM) (new)

Joel these are instructions for adding a goodreads tab to your fan page. tabs no longer exist for personal profile pages. instead you have a box on your profile that says "goodreads." all you have to do is enable sharing in your goodreads settings (edit your profile, and click "apps").

message 39: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Klehr Joel, there is no 'apps' in the edit your profile settings in Facebook.

message 40: by Joel (new)

Joel i was talking about your goodreads profile.

message 41: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Klehr Joel, I've done all of that previously. What is supposed to happen from this point? What changes will I see?

message 42: by Joel (new)

Joel do you have a goodreads box on your facebook profile? then you've done all you can.

this thread is talking only about "fan" pages. these are different from personal facebook pages and are for brands, authors, or organizations (i have one for my book club). you manage them through your facebook account but they are separate pages from your facebook profile. only these fan pages can have the goodreads tab.

message 43: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Klehr No, there is no goodreads box on my FB profile.

message 44: by Joel (new)

Joel that's what you have to change in your goodreads profile settings. on the apps tab, make sure facebook sharing is enabled and all the boxes are checked for the different things you want to share.

the box might not show up right away but it should appear once you start adding or rating your next book.

message 45: by Kevin (last edited Mar 25, 2012 05:10PM) (new)

Kevin Klehr Joel, I think your last sentence sums it up. I'll await its arrival when I rate or comment on my next book.

Thanks heaps!

message 46: by Joel (new)

Joel no problem, hope it works out for you.

message 47: by Tonya (new)

Tonya Looks like with the new page style we can no longer add the app to our pages... Unless someone has a tip on that, too...? (Please?)

message 48: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Rekshan Hi Tonya,

You can add a tab to the new timeline styled pages. We're thinking about refreshing the tabs and instructions, but I made a slideshow that you can follow in the meantime.


message 49: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Lucas I'd successfully set up the Goodreads tab on my Facebook page about a week ago -- timeline and all -- and it was working fine for a few days; loved it!
Yesterday it was wonky, not allowing one to scroll down through the content (e.g., reviews).
Today, I simply get an error message when I click on the Goodreads tab.
Solution? Thanks!

message 50: by Joel (new)

Joel yeah, mine too... something went wrong a few days ago and now i just get an error message.

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