Sony Reader and Blio now showing Goodreads reviews

Posted by Otis Chandler on October 27, 2010
We are thrilled to announce two big new partnerships: Sony Reader and Blio. Both e-reading devices will be using the Goodreads API to power social reading experiences on their ereading applications.

The Goodreads API gives any partner deep access to the Goodreads community and its unparalleled riches of book reviews, data, and discussion. Partners already using the Goodreads API to syndicate reviews include the upcoming Google Books, Worldcat, Stanza, Better World Books, and Alibris.

Now syndicating Goodreads reviews

The API can be applied in an endless variety of ways. Publishing insider Edelweiss is using it to access to-read counts to gauge buzz for upcoming book releases. displays books on their members' personal homepages with custom widgets. Additionally, several independent developers have built Android apps using the API. We hope more developers will use the API to create inventive, cool, book-related things.

Blio is capitalizing on our social reading experience by offering Goodreads Connect, an OAuth connection that is much like Facebook Connect for books. Blio members can connect to their Goodreads account, and when reading a book or shopping for what to read next, they can see their friends' reviews. Imagine browsing for a book and immediately knowing whether your best friend liked it or not! We are offering this information for free via our API.

We believe in sharing the wealth. Developers using the Goodreads API can pull Goodreads ratings for over 2 million different titles and reviews for over 500,000 titles. Goodreads has more than 4 million members and more than 117 million books cataloged, over 55% of which are in the long tail. To illustrate the sheer number of Goodreads reviews, here is a quick comparison of the popular title The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

Goodreads has lots of reviews

Status updates are very popular on Goodreads, and so far only our own iPhone app utilizes the API to add them. These are Goodreads' answer to Twitter's infamous question of "What's Happening?". Instead, we ask "What page are you on?" or "What percent are you at?", if it's an ebook. We are soon going to be making it so any update added from the API is branded for that client. Great opportunity for any ereader to get free viral promotion by letting readers share margin notes or highlights.

Our goal is to inspire reading wherever we can. The API takes the best parts of Goodreads and makes them available on all kinds of applications and sites. This openness is good for readers, good for our partners, and good for Goodreads.


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