Two New Widgets: A Reader Widget, and a Custom Widget

Posted by Louise on May 28, 2010
We're on a widget streak here at Goodreads these days. The Goodreads Reader now has its own widget, which you can access by clicking the "embed" button on any Goodreads Reader page. Check out this one of Alice in Wonderland:

The Goodreads Reader widget comes in handy when you want to link to a readable version of an e-book directly on your site.

The second, slightly less new widget is the Custom Widget, which you can get to by clicking My Account and then the "widgets" tab. True to its name, it's a more customizable javascript widget with a handful of options you can tweak to match the look of your blog.

A Custom Widget on Goodreads

Unfortunately, because it is a javascript widget, it will only work on blogging systems that support javascript.

Take the two widgets for a spin and tell us what you think.

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message 1: by Cpk1120 (new)

Cpk1120 Dragon Kiss
E.D. Baker

This book was AMAZING!!
I recomend it to girls from 10-14.
Its is a tale of true love and bravery.
I give it 5 stars.

message 2: by Maliha (new)

Maliha OK, the second one does not update automatically. The Goodreads updates widget is buggy... can someone fix these scripts?

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