Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Posted by Otis Chandler on May 2, 2007
We had a great time at the LA Times Festival of Books last weekend. We passed out several thousand booklets and bookmarks, and talked to hundreds of interested people - including many publishers and authors. It was an exhausting weekend, but well worth it! Here is goofy picture of me in the booth.

One interesting thing was that at first when I was describing the site to people I would say it was "MySpace for Book lovers", but quickly found that it was often a turn-off for the literati. So I changed to "a social network for book lovers", which worked much better, especially for internet savvy folks.

We spoke to a number of publishers and authors who were quite excited about our Authors Program. We've signed up 33 authors so far, and more are coming in every day! While some authors just looked at us funny when we told them we were creating "MySpace Music" for authors, others got it immediately — and were really excited about it.

More and more I'm learning that being a successful author is only 50% writing - the rest is all marketing - and unless you are a big name, your publisher isn't going to help you. This is why we created Goodreads Authors - so authors have a place to connect with readers and promote their work!

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