The Most Hotly Anticipated Romance Reads of August

Posted by Sharon on August 1, 2021
Some people love books. Some people fall in love. And some people love books about falling in love. Every month our team sorts through the new romance books and sees how early readers are responding. We use this information to curate a list of soon-to-be-beloved favorites.
New in August: A viral cooking video leads to love in Suzanne Park’s So We Meet Again. A British art school grad meets a hunky rugby player in Sara Jafari’s The Mismatch. And the notorious game of Truth or Dare claims another happy victim in The Dating Dare. Also new this month: sneaky personal trainers, Victorian scandal sheets, and sexy violinists on the prowl.
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Life is getting weird for violinist Anna Sun. Just after finding accidental career success with a viral video, her longtime boyfriend says he wants an open relationship. Well, Anna can do open, too. But when she meets tattooed motorcycle man Quan Diep, her planned excursion of one-night stands skids to a halt. Quan wants more than just sex, and when tragedy strikes, the two new lovers have to get pretty deep, pretty fast.

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This twisty new romance from Suzanne Park (Loathe at First Sight) spotlights investment banker Jess Kim, who just quit her job in a most dramatic fashion. Retreating to her Tennessee hometown, she’s set up on a date with an old childhood acquaintance, now a surprisingly hunky lawyer/gamer. When Jess’ cooking videos go viral, she’s approached by a potential investor—her old law firm, as it happens. Could it get weirder? Turns out, it can!

Quirky baker Sylvie Fairchild, former contestant on the cooking show Operation Cake, has been invited back to serve on the judging panel. Also on the panel: grouchy Dominic De Vere, cake maker for the king and a veritable British institution in his own right. When the two discover they’ll be competing for the upcoming royal wedding job, well, their relationship gets even more complicated than it already is. Flour flies in the latest rom-com from Lucy Parker.

Studious and artistic, recent college graduate Soraya Nazari has never made much time for love. But now that she’s out in the world, she’s looking for a first-time mismatch—a deliberately casual relationship with no chance of seriousness. Magnus Evans, laddish rugby player, seems perfect. Of course, you’re always rolling the dice with situations like this. Sometimes happiness just pounces. British Iranian author Sara Jafari debuts with a romance as coming-of-age story.

Author Julie Murphy (Dumplin’) returns with the story of plus-size fashion and shoe designer Cindy, who finds herself the new star of a reality-show dating competition. Cindy’s plan? To leverage her unexpected good luck into a new role as a body positivity advocate for women everywhere. And if she finds some romantic opportunities along the way, well, that’s a bonus. If the shoe fits…

Truth or dare can be a dangerous game. Everyone knows this. So when a friendly game leads Tara Park to a date with the impossibly handsome Seth Kim, she just has to roll with it and hope for the best. Seth is leaving for Paris in a month, anyway. Perhaps this can be a flirty little no-strings-attached situation for them both. Yeah. Should be fine. Author Jayci Lee (A Sweet Mess) returns with another tale of plans gone pleasantly awry.

Drama descends on a tight-knit island community when a pair of British royals rent the property next to Piper Evans, mild-mannered elementary school teacher. The prince and princess, it seems, have a bodyguard in tow—the hunky and brooding Harrison Cole. Piper has been deemed a security threat, but truth be told, she really doesn’t mind the frisking all that much. Anyway, this summer is going to be fun.

Author Sarah MacLean does all sorts of interesting things with the historical romance genre, and when she drops a new series, it’s good news for everyone. Bombshell, the first in her new and excellently named Hell’s Belles series, follows the exploits of Lady Sesily Talbot, a kind of walking Victorian scandal who dances in the shadows just beneath London’s high-society circles. It’s a girl gang story, in part. The author’s description: “The Avengers, but make it MacLean.” Assemble!

Personal trainer Taylor Powell is good at her job. That’s why professional athletes come to work and train with her. Meanwhile, former footballer Jamar Dixon wants back in the game. He hires Taylor to get him back into shape, but they have to keep it a secret. Improvising after being spotted together, the two decide to pretend that they’re dating. Perfect! No way that can go wrong!

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