The Best Romance Books of December

Posted by Cybil on December 4, 2019
Some people love books. Some people fall in love. And some people fall in love with books about falling in love. Every month our team takes a look at the new romance books and how early readers are responding to them. We use this information to curate a list of soon-to-be-beloved favorites, from contemporary love stories to historical hookups to thrilling paranormal romances.

New in December: Alexa Martin delivers a story of love and professional athletes in Blitzed. Kelsey Quick explores forbidden supernatural romance in A Violet Fire. And debut novelist Rachel Winters brings us the story of a Hollywood screenwriter with a slightly indecent proposal in Would Like to Meet.

Add what catches your fancy to your Want to Read shelf, and let us know what you're reading and recommending in the comments.

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Morgan Grant is a good mom, and she wants to make sure her 16-year-old daughter Clara doesn't make the same mistakes that she did. But Clara—like all teenagers since the beginning of time—wants the freedom to make her own mistakes. When a tragic accident befalls the family, the finely calibrated balance between mother and daughter is thrown off axis.

Read our interview with Hoover here.

Release date: December 10

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Stolid Minnesotan and former kindergarten teacher Heidi Larsen has a regular, boring, perfectly acceptable life. Everything changes one drunken night when she decides to mix boxed wine and podcasting equipment. Thus is born the scandalous and improbably popular new series Heidi's Discount Erotica. Only in America, friends!

Release date: December 3

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From the author of Intercepted and Fumbled, Blitzed chronicles the unlikely pairing of barkeep Brynn Larson and football player Maxwell Lewis. A regrettable encounter many years ago has kept the two apart, but now Maxwell is back in Brynn's bar. He'll need his A-game. Author Martin draws on her own experience as the wife of a former NFL pro who now coaches at the Colorado high school where they first met.

Release date: December 3

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Debut novelist Winters proposes a new twist on the romance setup: Hollywood screenwriter Ezra Chester needs to finish his new script. To overcome his writer's block, he enlists agency assistant Evie Summers to reenact meet-cute situations from famous silver screen pairings. Can people really fall in love the way they do in the movies? Evie's about to find out, with the fate of her company on the line.

Release date: December 3

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There's a blood shortage in the vampire society of Cain. Human supply units, bred in captivity and sold to the wealthy, drive the economy—and that spells doom for 18-year-old Wavorly Sterling. But her new patron, the reserved vampire scion Anton Zein, may be her savior. The castle brings comfort and security, but also enslavement. Can Wavorly's thirst for freedom overcome her master's thirst for blood?

Release date: December 9

Which new romance books are you most excited to read? Let us know in the comments!

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message 1: by Denise (new)

Denise Would Like to Meet

Jade aka MrsTosh Probably Regretting You, I am never disappointed when I read Colleen Hoover.

message 3: by Elena (new)

Elena A Violet Fire.

message 4: by Tim (new)

Tim Brindle Would like to Meet sounds the most interesting. I'm not typically into books heavy on erotica.

message 5: by Emmerita (new)

Emmerita Regretting you! 🙌🏽

message 6: by LEASA (new)

LEASA BENNETT Heidi's guide to four letter words - 4 stars - was funny, cute, light reading.

message 7: by Kristin (new)

Kristin Galla Jade aka MrsTosh wrote: "Probably Regretting You, I am never disappointed when I read Colleen Hoover."

I've read 3 of her books. I loved 2 (It Ends with Us & Maybe Someday) and hated 1 (Ugly Love). So I don't know what to expect but hope it'll be good!

message 8: by Ella (new)

Ella A violet fire

message 9: by Raja (new)

Raja Please send me book Gentle Persuation by Alex Barton. Thanks.

message 10: by Mohit (new)

Mohit Thakur Would like to meet by Rachel winters

message 11: by Kacie (new)

Kacie Roets Regretting You. Colleen Hoover is amazing and I'm excited for this new book!

message 12: by Sofie | (new)

Sofie | Denise wrote: "Would Like to Meet"


message 13: by Sofie | (new)

Sofie | Mohit wrote: "Would like to meet by Rachel winters"


message 14: by Sofie | (new)

Sofie | Tim wrote: "Would like to Meet sounds the most interesting. I'm not typically into books heavy on erotica."

It's not erotica at ALL!! Just the fluffiest, sweetest rom com I've read in a long time!

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