The Best Young Adult Books of October

Posted by Cybil on October 1, 2019
As dedicated readers already know, some of the best and most innovative stories on the shelves come from the constantly evolving realm of young adult fiction. Every month our team takes a look at the books being published and how they're resonating with early readers. We use this information to put together a roundup of soon-to-be favorites.

October is always a good month for exploring the spookier side of things. To wit, we have the haunted town of Addamsville, where tragedy comes in waves and ghost stories are real. Also this month: orphans, dragons, twin goddesses, cosmic cataclysms, and a worrisome warning from an alien entity. Add the books that catch your eye to your Want to Read shelf, and let us know what you're reading and recommending in the comments!

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Madrid in 1957 is a glowing haven of sunshine and wine, but it has a dark side. American tourist Daniel sees both sides of the city as he befriends Ana in this tale of love, longing, and postwar hardships from the author of Salt to the Sea.

Read our interview with Sepetys.

Release date: October 1

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The year is 1872, and New Orleans is ruled by the dead. Celine doesn't mind, falling under the spell of the vibrant city, its glitzy underworld, and the enigmatic Sébastien Saint Germain in this sultry fantasy from the author of The Wrath and the Dawn.

Read our interview with Ahdieh.

Release date: October 8

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Debut author Munda is enjoying good advance buzz for her fantasy novel set in A Game of Thrones–type world where highborn and lowborn both must bow to the ruling class of dragonriders. Annie and Lee come from different backgrounds, but they grew up together in an orphanage and must work together as the clouds of war gather on the horizon.

Release date: October 15

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In the aftermath of a cosmic cataclysm, the world of Aeon has stopped spinning entirely. Now the planet is split in two: One side is in eternal cold and darkness; the other is in the blaze of a never-setting sun. The daughters of twin goddesses join with a band of heroes to travel through treacherous land, both tropical and arctic, in the hope of healing their broken world.

Release date: October 15

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It's an interesting thought experiment, and by "interesting" we mean "terrifying." What if an alien entity contacted Earth and informed us we have exactly seven days to live? The question isn't hypothetical for the three teenagers in Rishi's debut novel, which is being heralded for its deft combination of sci-fi and emotional insight. What would you do with seven days left? Yes, but what would your teenage self do?

Release date: October 22

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A mysterious fire has claimed yet another life in the decidedly odd town of Addamsville. Tragedy has a nasty habit of repeating itself in these parts, and young Zora must crack the case to clear her name and prevent the next murder. Author Zappia (Eliza and Her Monsters) has cooked up a delicious small-town mystery with a chewy ghost story center.

Release date: October 1

Which new YA books are you most excited to read? Let us know in the comments!

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message 1: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Now Entering Addamsville by Francesca Zappia. Sounds like a delicious mystery.

message 2: by Zoli (new)

Zoli I am excited to read the never tilting world because the idea of the special world might be the perfect base for a well Book.

message 3: by Sara (new)

Sara woolley Waiting for the release of a violet fire by Kelsey Quick. In hardcover. I read an Arc and love. Now I need that hardcover with the gorgeous art 😊

message 4: by Amber (new)

Amber Smego Definitely a Violet Fire by Kelsey Quick. I read it and loved it!

message 5: by Celia (new)

Celia Pool There Will Come a Darkness by Katy Rose Pool! A brilliant debut novel. First of three.

message 6: by Imani (new)

Imani Ooh i love Francesca Zappia. also Fireborne looks good too. Thanks Goodreads! ;D

message 7: by Brianna (new)

Brianna A Violet Fire by Kelsey Quick! I cant Wait for it’s release. It’s been too long since a juicy vampire romance has been released, and this book fills that void!

message 8: by Skyla (new)

Skyla The Fountains of Silence sounds so good

message 9: by Maria (new)

Maria I Hope You Get This Message sounds cool! Gay Sci-Fi? YES.

message 10: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia Stone I have an early copy of Fireborne...and it is AMAZING!

message 11: by TMR (new)

TMR Fountains of silence yes!

message 12: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer I really really love Between Wild and Ruin
So good for Spooktober, too!

message 13: by Kasey (new)

Kasey Sara wrote: "Waiting for the release of a violet fire by Kelsey Quick. In hardcover. I read an Arc and love. Now I need that hardcover with the gorgeous art 😊"

I read the ARC and couldn't get into it. Can you provide your feedback so I can consider giving it a second chance?? I feel bad because the author contacted me!

message 14: by Katrina (new)

Katrina Forest (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Kasey ♥ wrote: "Sara wrote: "Waiting for the release of a violet fire by Kelsey Quick. In hardcover. I read an Arc and love. Now I need that hardcover with the gorgeous art 😊"

I read the ARC and couldn't ..."

I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, the appeal of the book was in the constant guessing of Zein's true motives; in most vampire books I've read, if there's a mix of "good" and "bad" vampires, they distinguish themselves pretty quickly. Zein's got strong motivations not to be upfront about his real feelings. I also love how Wave stood out as an active protagonist, always plotting the next step of her escape.

The biggest thing you'd probably get out of a re-read is (view spoiler)

That said, the more I read reviews, the more I realize just how subjective tastes can be. So we might just have different opinions, and that's cool, too. :)

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