The Best Young Adult Books of March

Posted by Marie on March 1, 2019
Welcome to the world of irresistible young adult fiction! Every month, our team takes a look at the books being published and how they're resonating with early readers. We use this information to put together a roundup of soon-to-be favorites, from tales set in the suburbs to epics in realms of mystery and mischief.

For March, we have the latest installment in the DC Icons series, new books from the bestselling authors of The Program and the Matched trilogy, a love story involving time travel, and more.

Add the books that catch your eye to your Want to Read shelf, and let us know what you're reading and recommending in the comments!

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The DC Icons series continues, and this time it's the Man of Steel in the spotlight. Before Clark Kent can save the world, he'll need to save Smallville.

Release Date: March 5
Series: DC Icons #4

Read our interview with Matt de la Peña.

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Jack and Kate's love story should have ended when Kate died. But when time rewinds to the moment they met, Jack gets a second chance.

Release Date: March 5

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Princess Aurelia's hidden skill in blood magic will either lead her witch-fearing kingdom to its downfall or become its salvation.

Release Date: March 12
Series: The Bloodleaf Trilogy #1

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Forced into an internment camp for Muslim-Americans, Layla Amin sparks a rebellion within its walls to save herself and her family.

Release Date: March 19

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The bestselling author of The Program returns with a dystopian thriller about a private school that trains girls to be perfectly obedient.

Release Date: March 19
Series: Girls with Sharp Sticks #1

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In this King Arthur retelling, the legendary hero is reincarnated as a young girl who begins a quest after crash-landing on Old Earth.

Release Date: March 26
Series: Once and Future #1

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Poe, the captain of the Outpost's last mining ship, is after more than gold: She wants revenge on the raiders who took all she held dear.

Release Date: March 26

Which new YA books are you most excited to read? Let us know in the comments!

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message 1: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Griffin Bloodleaf

message 2: by Temi (new)

Temi Panayotova Opposite of Always - can not wait!

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Atkinson So looking forward to reading bloodleaf

message 4: by Alan (new)

Alan Nawzad به ختيار على

message 5: by Lyrazac08 (new)

Lyrazac08 Opposite of alwayssss

message 6: by Äff (new)

Äff Opposite of always 😱 wtr now!

message 7: by Nicole (new)

Nicole I can’t wait to read Internment but also want to read a bunch of the others!

message 8: by Em (new)

Em The Quiet at the End of the World by Lauren James! and the Proud anthology Juno Dawson edited :D

message 9: by Jodi (last edited Mar 12, 2019 07:01AM) (new)

message 10: by Janine (new)

Janine I'm looking forward to indie releases Splintering Reality and Red Aberrant.

message 11: by Cortney (new)

Cortney Temi wrote: "Opposite of Always - can not wait!"

Reading it now and i'm loving it.

message 12: by Kylee (new)

Kylee I can't wait for them.

message 13: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Looking forward to Bloodleaf and Superman: Dawnbreaker!

message 14: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Fitzgerald Field Notes On Love by Jennifer E. Smith!😃📚

message 15: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Likes Robots Once and future

message 16: by Sharon711 (new)

Sharon711 turner Superman and Once and future

message 17: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Gibson De la pena's Superman!!!

A_ bookbound _soul Looking forward to Bloodleaf

message 19: by سلام (new)

سلام احمد سلام Nice

message 20: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Cohen If you liked "The Book Thief," don't miss "Orphan Monster Spy" by Matt Killeen

message 21: by Kiki (new)

Kiki The Cursed Series, Parts 1 & 2 I cant wait for this one to hit in March! I read an ARC copy and it is our of this world AMAZING!!!

message 22: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Fitzgerald Within These Lines was released on March 5th; I cannot wait to read it!😊📚

message 23: by Elyse (new)

Elyse A. bloodleaf and girls with sharp sticks😝

message 24: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Rose Girls with sharp objects

message 25: by sienna (new)

sienna opposite of always

message 26: by sienna (new)

sienna and superman

message 27: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Opposite of Always. It sounds really good.

message 28: by Chinahorom (new)

Chinahorom Girls with sharp sticks and opposite of always.

message 29: by Patricia (new)

Patricia Love Ahmed's writing (and HER!). Love and Other Filters is amazing. Internment is "on order" at my local library, and I'm first in line!

message 30: by Vivian (new)

Vivian  Hu Opposite of always, girls with sharp sticks and bloodleaf! :D

jasmine ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ Oh my gosh. Girls with sharp sticks is A MUST READ . Like honestly, it changed my LIFE... ( just dont read the comments, there may be spoilers )

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