Matching kindred souls through a shared love of books

Posted by Otis Chandler on April 29, 2009
We just received an amazing email from one of our members. With his permission, I am pasting it below. We have gotten a few notes about successful matches, and each one is equally amazing.

"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you about something wonderful that happened as a result of Goodreads. I received an invitation from a student to join Goodreads. I joined and added books then found that I could add friends. I began looking for educators in my area to add as friends and then looked at their friends. I found one person in particular with whom I was very compatible as far as books read and ratings. I added her as a friend and we soon began discussions of books. I told her about a book that looked good and planned to read. A couple of days later she bought the book and read it sparking even more discussion. Soon we were using IM to chat and eventually texting and talking on the phone. I know goodreads is not a dating website, neither of us were looking for someone to date when we joined. We eventually met in person and have been together ever since.
Goodreads helped match two kindred souls through a shared love of books and now a love for each other. Thank you for a wonderful website and a place for bibliophiles to join together and share their passion."

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Dia Kristy Beautiful.

A love (or hate or indifference)for certain books sure does tell us a lot about someone.

Very best wishes to you both!

Thanks so much (to you and to Goodreads!) for sharing this wonderful story. :-)

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