Goodreads Podcast: Elizabeth Chats with Sarah Jessica Parker

Posted by Cybil on January 10, 2019

For the latest episode of the Goodreads podcast Books of Your Life with Elizabeth, Goodreads Cofounder Elizabeth Khuri Chandler talks with actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who recently started her literary imprint, SJP for Hogarth.

In her conversation with Elizabeth, SJP recommends three books, one of which—Golden Child—is the second book from her literary imprint, which is focused on publishing books that encourage empathy and open up unfamiliar worlds. Listen to the podcast to learn about the other two books she’s reading as well!

You can be part of the conversation, too. We’ve created a book club to accompany our podcast, where you can discuss each guest’s recommendations.

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Dana Al-Basha |  دانة الباشا I agree, books do bring people together :) I adore Sarah! x

Bibliovoracious SJP looks super not-psyched in that picture. Or else really stoned.

message 3: by Denise (new)

Denise Romero I didn't know Goodreads had a podcast. I will definitely subscribe.

message 4: by Harper (new)

Harper Foren hi i like to read books and that's might be it

message 5: by Bandit (new)

Bandit Who took that picture? She looks dead inside

message 6: by خالد (new)

خالد ابو I love to read these books ... but how can I do that?

message 7: by خالد (new)

خالد ابو I would like to subscribe

Bibliovoracious Bandit wrote: "Who took that picture? She looks dead inside"

Your comment is better than mine! lol!

Bibliovoracious Bandit wrote: "Who took that picture? She looks dead inside"

"Oh god, this is what it's come to!"

message 10: by Purabi (new)

Purabi Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for the podcast with Sarah Jessica Parker, recommended books and the reasons why - enjoyed every minute of it.


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