Goodreads hits 2 million members!

Posted by Otis Chandler on April 6, 2009
Goodreads just hit 2 million members! We're very honored and encouraged to have so many smart bookish people using Goodreads, and we can only promise to keep working hard to make it even better for the next million people who stop by.

Goodreads' mission is to help people read more books. We think it's working, as members so far have added over 46 million books to their profiles. This includes 4 million text reviews, 36 million ratings, and 7 million books that people want to read. Goodreads has a whopping 5,245,559 distinct works in it's catalog, and thanks to an army of Goodreads Librarians, we think one of the better book databases online.

Hitting an arbitrary milestone like this is always a great excuse to look back at the past year and see how things have changed. Here is a list of some of the bigger features we built in the last year—amazing to think they all didn't exist a year ago!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Goodreads so special. Let us know what your favorite feature of the last year is in the comments!

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message 1: by Jean (new)

Jean Do you have a breakdown of membership by gender? A friend of mine and I were wondering if it's close to 50-50, or if it trends male or female?

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