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Posted by Elizabeth on April 15, 2007
Like many, I was sad to hear that Kurt Vonnegut died. I'm not a connoisseur of his books, but the few I've read I enjoyed very much.

I was also drawn to this quote from the LA Times.

"He was suspicious of the notion that writers should study only literature. '[I]t would never occur to me,' he once wrote, in a gentle poke at Allen Ginsberg, 'to look for the best minds of my generation in an undergraduate English department anywhere. I would certainly try the physics department or the music department first — and after that biochemistry.'"

It's nice to know that Vonnegut expects writers to come from all walks of life. (When I was younger, I was under the impression that writers had to wear black turtlenecks, spectacles and smoke lots of cigarettes. Don’t get wrong, I too own a pair of heavy-rimmed glasses and a turtleneck or two, but the writers in black were always snagging the top grades in my literature classes. Correlation? Who knows.)

I've included some links to some Goodreads reviews of his books and started up a discussion topic on the great man. Keep them coming!


Breakfast of Champions

Cat's Cradle

From the New York Times

From the Los Angeles Times

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Jartebosti It's nice to 3ds roms know that Vonnegut expects writers to come from all walks of life.

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