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Posted by Otis Chandler on January 23, 2009
We launched a variety of upgrades to out API a few weeks ago that I never blogged about. The most exciting changes were adding Oauth, and adding support to get Goodreads book reviews. This means you can now use our API to put our book reviews on your site!

There are two options currently:

The API supports a REST method (book.reviews_by_isbn and book.reviews_by_title) to return all the reviews for a given isbn or title. The reviews are capped at 300 characters, and have a "more..." link to Goodreads to read the rest (sorry - but can you blame us? We're doing this to get traffic back).

The second method is plug and play and designed for booksellers, publishers, libraries, or any online catalogue. It is a javascript plugin that you just copy/paste into your page, and presto - Goodreads reviews appear! The look and feel are fully configurable with css, so you can put your own fonts & colors, etc on it. Below is an example of how it looks with no styles.

Check out the Goodreads API

Here is a demo of the widget in action:

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message 1: by Mo (new)

Mo Very cool! I imagine this type of widget will be extremely useful for authors to put on their personal/book sites -- though I'd imagine they'd only want to post the good reviews. Can the API return only reviews with 4+ stars? ;)

message 2: by Mohammad (new)

Mohammad Sowwan Very nice !!!
بوس شفايف

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