Alas, poor George! We knew him ... or did we?

Posted by Ken-ichi on January 13, 2009
President George W. Bush has been called many things over the past 8 years, but "bookworm" definitely wasn't on my shortlist of monikers. Yet behold! None other than champion secret-leaker Karl Rove has spilled the beans (again): our president not only reads, but he reads competitively, from Team of Rivals to Next, Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number to Ana's Story. Even *gasp* The Holy Bible! I mean, we all know he's read "My Pet Goat", but the The Stranger?!

Given this demonstrated love for the printed (if not spoken) word, one can only imagine what literary heights he'll be scaling now that he has all this free time! So I'd like to make a few humble suggestions:

I'm sure you all can add to this list. Leave some comments!

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message 1: by rivka (new)

rivka because everyone else is

Not everyone. :P

Also, didn't your mom ever tell you that you didn't have to do something just 'cuz all the other kids were doing it?

message 2: by Brittany (new)

Brittany people shouldnt read it because everyone else is.
they should read it because it is in fact a pretty good series of books.

back before all this twilight craziness started, they were still good books. Not many people read them, and if they did...they didnt go as insane as some of the teenagers are now.

it will die down in a year or so, and guess what?
they'll still be good books, even though...everyone else isnt reading them.

message 3: by rivka (new)

rivka a pretty good series of books

Not everyone agrees with that either. And I am extremely glad that my 14-year-old daughter does not agree with that assessment.

message 4: by Ken-ichi (new)

Ken-ichi Different strokes, as they say. I, for one, would love to hear what President Bush has to say about Twilight.

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