The Places Veronica Roth Will Go and the Books She'll Bring With Her

Posted by Marie on April 4, 2018
Veronica Roth is the bestselling author who rocked the YA world with the Divergent series. This April, she'll be on tour to promote her latest novel, The Fates Divide, the sequel to the 2017 Goodreads Choice Award nominee Carve the Mark. As she prepared for her trip, we asked her what books she'll pack along for the ride and how she'll include reading as part of her travel plans.

I like to travel light. I almost never check a bag, even on a two-week book tour. This is great for maneuvering around an airport, but not so great for reading. Most of the time, I am strictly analog about reading. Our brains process information differently when it’s on screens. For me, so much of remembering what happened in a book is about its physical location on the page and in the book itself. You don’t really get that with an ebook.

But I also want to be able to bring my favorite sneakers on tour, so I do read ebooks when I travel. I load them on my massive phone (a Pixel XL—the size is in the name) so I don’t have to carry an ereader. I also listen to audiobooks, but they carry the unfortunate risk of lulling me to sleep when I’m on an airplane. Not because they’re boring—because pretty much anything lulls me to sleep on an airplane.

Anyway, here are the reads I’m planning to bring on tour with me:

I’ve been looking forward to this read for a long time. It’s mostly because of going on writing dates with Laurie. “Do I need to explain why Nell wants to be the best? You wouldn’t ask a boy that question,” she said once, and it really stuck with me. Nell, Winner Take All’s main character, wants success because she wants it. And I want to read about that ambitious girl with the sharp edges.

I will recommend the Binti series to anyone who has ever liked science fiction. They’re quick reads, but packed into those pages is some seriously good world-building. Binti gets accepted to the most prestigious university in the galaxy, but going there means in some way betraying her people—and that’s just where the story starts. I am excited to finally see how it all ends!

This is another conclusion to a series, but if you haven’t read the Illuminae books, you’ve got to! This is the one volume I’ll bring in paper form because these books are like works of art. They are funny and clever, and despite their substantial length, they fly right by.

This is a bit of a cheat, but I’m very fortunate to be able to tour with two other authors, Somaiya Daud and Kara Thomas. In a way, their books are part of what I’m bringing on tour, even though I’ve already read them.

The worst part about this book was that it ended. It’s about Amani, who is kidnapped by her people’s conquerors, the Vathek, to be a body double for the half-Vathek princess. Any wrong move and she’s pretty much doomed. Amani is smart, observant, and a passionate lover of poetry. The world-building is lush and detailed. And the love story—oh my. Add this one to your Want-to-Read shelf, for sure.

Mirage will be available on August 31.

Kara Thomas is the author of the upcoming novel The Cheerleaders as well as Little Monsters and The Darkest Corners. These YA mystery-thrillers will take over your life and your mind until you finish them. All of Kara’s books are about thorny, complicated young women. I recommend all three books highly, if you haven’t gotten your hands on them yet.

The Cheerleaders will be available on July 31.

I think this is probably ambitious for book tour, but right around my third airport, I know I’ll be glad I planned ahead. Travel can be exhausting, so it’s good to remind myself why I do this job. Reading good books is one way to do that. Books are the best travel companions around.

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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen Hufman I feel the exact same way about ebooks. I have a difficult time looking for things when they are digital but I can easily find something in even a large book when it's in analog form; however, ebooks are perfect for traveling. Good luck on your book tour and I look forward to reading your newest novel!

message 2: by Martin (new)

Martin G29 Can't wait to read Mirage!!

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen Perhaps oddly, I MUCH prefer print books, but on my most recent travels (a road trip from home in Arizona to Oklahoma and home via Houston, Texas in 2015), I found myself perfectly content to read just audiobooks and a few e-books on my Kindle, which I packed for the trip. (Even though at home, I prefer to read books on my phone.)

I used to pack books in my suitcase, so my suitcase was always heavy, but since I discovered e-books and got my Kindle, I see vacations as vacations from print books as well as from normal, everyday life, and it works for me.

I hope what all you have planned will work for you, too! :-)

message 4: by Brichimt (new)

Brichimt If I need to use the books for reference purposes, I will have to make notes in the electronic form but I wouldn't know where to look in the eFormate for the notation.

So, ebooks for me would be for leisure reading that I don't wish to keep because if I love and adore my leisure read I will end up wanting the hard copy.

I can definitely understand the light travel mode, though. I'm trying to figure out right now how to make a trip to NYC w/o a lot of clothing and no luggage... #t-shirts, #blackjeans, #blackboots, and #alayeringsweater.

message 5: by Lekeisha (new)

Lekeisha The Booknerd Binti is one of my favorite heroines in sci-fi, so I'd definitely recommend those little gems. I'm currently powering my way through Obsidio. I have all the feels!

message 6: by Ryn (new)

Ryn I put all of them on my “Want To Read”!!!

message 7: by bjneary (new)

bjneary I have your book to read, can't wait! I did love Winner Take All; enjoy and have a great tour.

message 8: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I feel the same about ebooks, but can't deny that they are handy when you're travelling. I have Kara Thomas' books on my TBR list. Crime thrillers are a weakness. Looking forward to reading Fates.

message 9: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Martin I'm open minded about e-books. I live in a small town and ebooks give me access to books that are had to get and some that are out of print. For traveling it's a must! Yet I still love the feel of having a new book in my hands!

message 11: by Amanda (new)

Amanda I prefer physical books - when I went to Hawaii last month, I packed two books and wanted to pack a third, knowing I'd finish the first two. They took up so much space! I ended up finishing them and then reading ebooks on my Hoopla app. Next time, I'll stick to ebooks to save space!

message 12: by CarolAnn (new)

CarolAnn Thanks so much for the messages. I like all the comments and I now have more books for my "to read list".

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