Welcome to Ken-ichi!

Posted by Otis Chandler on October 14, 2008
We're happy to announce a new face at Goodreads: Ken-ichi Ueda! Ken-ichi comes to us from Berkeley where he made a really cool site for naturalists.

Here's a bio he wrote:

Once upon a time, Ken-ichi thought he would be a paleontologist. Then he thought he'd be a computer scientist. Then a biologist. Then a cartographer. Then an informaticist. Then a biodiversity informaticist! Now he is a web developer. But while his goals grew and shifted, he always knew he was a reader: from Dune to Pride &
, from field guides to programming manuals, Ken-ichi loves a
good book. When he's not breathlessly awaiting the next David
novel, you can find him exploring the land and see of California in search of spineless wonders!


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