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Posted by Cynthia on November 8, 2017
For many authors, being part of a writing group with other authors provides many benefits. The networking and support aspect of it is valuable, as is getting feedback on early writing drafts or advice on how to navigate the publishing world. There are many online groups specifically for authors on Goodreads, including the Goodreads Author Feedback Group, where authors can find answers to many of their questions. Join today if you aren’t a member already, or browse the Groups section to find other groups that pique your interest.

For authors who are not in any groups or who are simply looking for more inspiration, browse our interviews with bestselling authors to learn about their unique approach to Goodreads, the lessons they’ve learned in publishing, and how they measure success.

Debut Young Adult: S. Jae-Jones
How a debut novel garnered more than 50,000 to-read shelvings before publication.
Historical Fiction: Sarah McCoy
An internationally acclaimed author uses Ask the Author to connect with fans around the world.

Romance Author: Susan Mallery
Why the bestselling author makes time to connect with readers on Goodreads.
Horror Writer: Scott Hawkins
The author reveals how readers help him improve his next book.

Indie-Author Self Publishing Success
Three self-published authors share their secrets to success.
Young Adult: Kendare Blake
Why it's important to keeps track of her own reading lists and upcoming releases.

Romance Author: Danica Favorite
The online community manager applies her marketing experience to her own work.
Debut Fiction: Robin Sloan
The surprising thing this debut author learned about his readers from Goodreads.

Mystery Writer: Fred Van Lente
The comics writer discusses his favorite things on Goodreads.
Steampunk Writer: Gail Carriger
Why keeping track of books is important for this author.

Got some marketing tips you want to share with the Goodreads Author community? Share them in the comments below!

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message 1: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Davies-Owens Good Morning:

Kudos to you for writing advice. But you might want to edit your post; you have used the word "many" four times.

Thank you.


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Peter Bird That's many too many many's

message 3: by Steven (new)

Steven D. I have marketed my flagship book for five years to no avail. In marketing, I cite my being taken hostage, being wounded seriously by a Claymore Mine, and being shot at. Still no takers. I must be going about it wrong.

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