The Best Young Adult Books of October

Posted by Hayley on October 26, 2017
A lush garden where love is stamped out like weeds, a city forever changed by a night of violence, and a deadly realm teeming with dragons…

Welcome to the world of irresistible young adult fiction! Every month, our team takes a look at what books are being published—and how early readers are responding to them. We use this information to curate a list of soon-to-be-beloved favorites, from contemporary tales set in the suburbs to fantasy epics in realms of mystery and mischief.

For October, we've got three buzzy debuts, plus a National Book Award Finalist for Young People's Literature. Add the books that catch your eye to your Want to Read shelf and let us know what you're reading and recommending in the comments.

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Destiny comes at a price. For Xifeng to claim hers, she must spurn the man who loves her, embrace her own inner darkness, and wield a dangerous, all-consuming power.

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In this nominee for the 2017 National Book Award for Young People's Literature, three adopted siblings figure out how to create their own definition of family.

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Justyce, an Ivy League-bound teen who writes letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., sees his life turn upside down after an altercation with an off-duty cop results in a shooting.

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When the mystical Nomeolvides women fall deeply in love, their lovers vanish. Estrella expects this. What surprises her instead is the sudden appearance of a boy.

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After charming football star Braden takes his own life, the students of North Shore, Illinois, struggle to band together in the face of heartbreaking tragedy.

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Asha is more than a dragon slayer. The child of blood and moonlight, she brings death wherever she goes—until an unexpected friendship offers a slim chance at freedom.

What recent YA book would you recommend? Share it with us in the comments!

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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Fitzgerald In a Perfect World, by Trish Doller. Wonderful book!

message 2: by Sara (new)

Sara Definitely looking forward to Wild Beauty! I loved Anna-Marie McLemore's first two books, so I can't wait to immerse myself in the lusciousness of her words once again. And though it's not on the list, I'm also eager to read Rae Carson's Into the Bright Unknown, the final book in her Gold Seer Trilogy.

message 3: by Phoenix2 (new)

Phoenix2 The last samsara looks definately interesting!!

message 4: by Angrboda (new)

Angrboda Forest of a Thousand Lanterns and Wild Beauty both sound interesting to me.

♥☆SℓιM☆♥ Dear Martin by Nic Stone. Is on my TBR list. It seems like an interesting book.

message 6: by Eri (new)

Eri Dear Martin is the best! I loved it. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns and Wild beauty are on my TBR :)

Samantha (WLABB) My New Crush Gave to Me was so adorable and made me smile from ear to ear. Wild Beauty is so beautifully written. I really liked the House at 758, The Memory Trees, Everything Must Go, A Messy Beautiful Life, Protected, Top Ten, Haunting the Deep. October was a stacked with great releases.

message 8: by Julie (new)

Julie Thank you so much for including FOTL! I absolutely loved Dear Martin. Wild Beauty is on my TBR because I love everything that author writes!

message 9: by Sydney (new)


message 11: by Aykul (new)

Aykul Naklıyat Yasir Nakliyat; sektörde uzun yıllar deneyim kazanmış, personel eğitmiş, işin tüm inceliklerini bilen profesyonel bir şirkettir. Taşınma işlemlerinin zahmetli ve hassasiyet isteyen bir iş olduğunun bilincinde olan Yasir Nakliyat, elbette şehirlerarası nakliyatın çok daha zor olduğunu biliyor.

message 12: by Olivia (new)

Olivia I would recommend 'Before We Were Strangers' by Renee Carlino. Such a fun and emotional read, it is a New Adult contemporary but who doesn't enjoy those kind of reads!!

message 13: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Stacy I'm reading "Forest of a Thousand Lanterns" right now, and really enjoying it! So glad to see that title made your list! :D

The other October release I've anticipated the most is "I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter" by Erika L. Sánchez.

message 14: by Sasha (new)

Sasha I loved "The Sunshine Stone" - finished it a few days ago but can't stop thinking about it. It's a really good book - definitely recommended!
The Sunshine Stone

message 15: by Claire (new)

Claire Also loved The Sunshine Stone, best book I've read for ages. So clever.

message 16: by Sonya (new)

Sonya The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read! It has love, adventure on the high seas, & decisions made by a young girl with unfortunate circumstances.

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