October's Poetry Contest Winner: The Soldier and the Letter

Posted by Cybil on October 1, 2017

Every month, Goodreads and the ¡POETRY! group host a poetry contest. It's a great way to discover and support the work of emerging poets. Join the ¡POETRY! group where you can vote to select the winning poem each month from among the finalists. Aspiring poets can also submit a poem for consideration.

Congratulations to David Underwood, who is our October winner with this poem:

The Soldier and the Letter

by David Underwood

One extremely hot day
at Fort Sill, Oklahoma,
having just had mail call,
during which he received a much-welcomed letter
from his fiancé
several hundred miles away,
he sacrificed the military crease
in his overly-starched uniform
and sat down with his back
against the yellow, weather-boarding
of the barracks to read.
Having read the third
and final page,
the disciplined smile
on his face flickered momentarily
and he then burst into laughter.
“hey fellows, my girl’s getting married tomorrow!”
he shouted between peals of laughter.
This, of course, brought forth more laughter
from his noble companions
along with a few cheers,
and several dissertations
on the low moral fiber of women in general
and his fiancé, in particular.
Finally, however,
the dissertations ended and
the laughter died down.
His companions went inside
to polish boots,
shine brass,
and perform other likewise important
military functions
leaving him alone
sitting on his starched creases,
reading and re-reading his letter.
His smile had faded now
and part of his military bearing
seemed to be missing.
His eyes, normally hazel,
were a brilliant red.
Probably from laughing so hard.
And, big drops of water,
probably perspiration,
were dripping from his cheeks.
It really appeared as though he
was crying, but of course,
the Army doesn’t authorize men to cry.

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message 1: by Breslin (new)

Breslin White What a beautiful poem!

message 2: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Congratulations David.
A fantastic poem.

message 3: by Nicole (new)

Nicole So so beautiful.

message 4: by Cheng-Hsi (new)

Cheng-Hsi Beautiful

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Wow.

message 6: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine Congratulations!

message 7: by Mridula (new)

Mridula Gupta Loved it. :)

message 8: by Parveen (new)

Parveen we all at www.defencewardsmatrimony.com

loved it

message 9: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Congratulations. Beautiful poem.

message 10: by Kalyani (new)

Kalyani Brilliant! Beautifully written. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading more poetry by Mr. Underwood.

message 11: by D.G. (new)

D.G. Underwood Thank you for the great, supportive comments! There is nothing better than having one's work appreciated. If any of you are interested in more, please check out "Past Passions & Adolescent Angst: Poetry from the Early Years" which is available on Amazon in print or Kindle format.

message 12: by Habiba (new)

Habiba Ehsan Wow. What a wonderful and moving poem.

message 13: by Shaina (new)

Shaina Renee Wow, I love this a lot.

message 14: by Andreia (new)

Andreia Nuno Amazing! Very beautiful and moving!

message 15: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Burner Beautiful poem, but please write a sequal and allow the soldier to meet the true love of his life! I love a happy ending!

message 16: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Beautiful,
Yes please another one

message 17: by C.R. (new)

C.R. Misty Shannon wrote: "Beautiful poem, but please write a sequal and allow the soldier to meet the true love of his life! I love a happy ending!" Yes, I second that :-)

message 18: by Eric (last edited Oct 05, 2017 04:54PM) (new)

Eric Thank You

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