September's Poetry Contest Winner: Flotilla

Posted by Cybil on August 31, 2017

Every month, Goodreads and the ¡POETRY! group host a poetry contest. It's a great way to discover and support the work of emerging poets. Join the ¡POETRY! group where you can vote to select the winning poem each month from among the finalists. Aspiring poets can also submit a poem for consideration.

Congratulations to Steve Deutsch, who is our September winner with this poem:


by Steve Deutsch

You left behind
one half a jelly donut,
stale as last Wednesday;
some clothing, moth-eaten,
mildewed; two shoes,
one black, one brown,
with newsprint for the soles.
You left behind a paper sack
of winter warmth, and poetry
by Whitman, Poe and Crane,
well-fingered and browned in age.

You walked into the river
and left behind four dollars
and eighteen cents, which I
have spent on coffee
and a banana nut muffin,
that crumbled in its freshness.

Your poetry; penned
in your perfect prep school hand,
was stuffed inside two newish socks
atop the brown and laceless shoe.
It is unnervingly good,
but I can use the socks.
I crumpled your words in their freshness,
and set them to sail upon the river,
page by remarkable page.

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message 1: by Mary (new)

Mary Love this :)!!

message 2: by Shirley (last edited Aug 31, 2017 10:55AM) (new)

Shirley Revill Really loved. :)

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Congratulations Steve.
"Wonderful Poem"

message 4: by Phoenix2 (new)

Phoenix2 Congrats!! It's really good : )

message 5: by Kenzie (new)

Kenzie Franklin Congrats! I love it so much

message 6: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana Amazing

message 7: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Oh this is so beautiful, love it.

message 8: by Jeanny (new)

Jeanny Loved this. Congratulations to the author Steve Deutsch

message 9: by Dana (new)

Dana Tipken Beautiful! Nicely done.

message 10: by Jheneille (new)

Jheneille Wow that was really good!! I loved it!

message 11: by カパリス (new)

カパリス Wow that was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations you earned it

message 12: by Jeannine (new)

Jeannine Beautiful and so heartbreaking.

message 13: by Claudine (new)

Claudine Wargel Beautiful words and sentiment. Well done.

message 14: by Vateop (new)

Vateop What beauty you express.

message 15: by Mary (new)

Mary Jo So well done. Congratulations.

message 16: by Bill (new)

Bill Engleson Vivid! A fine poetic tale.

message 17: by Sajeda (new)

Sajeda Manzoor Congratulation, well defined and expressive.

message 18: by Anita (new)

Anita Wender Oh I am so glad Flotilla won - it is a wonderful piece. So many emotions, so much reality.

message 19: by Sandra (new)

Sandra L L. " by remarkable page..."

Great poem. I feel it. Congratulations!

message 20: by Valerie (new)

Valerie Coddett Wonderful, loved it!

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Very powerful words. Congratulations

message 22: by Jason (new)

Jason Mills That's harsh, man.

message 23: by Nisar (new)

Nisar Masoom Best winning poem yet. Amazing!

message 24: by Ann (new)

Ann Girdharry Really enjoyed reading 'Flotilla' - well done!

message 25: by Thea (new)

Thea Romandy Quin Wonderful

message 26: by John (new)

John Powerful imagery. Well done.

message 27: by Blue (new)

Blue North Very lovely, thank you to Steve Deutsch.

message 28: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Kraus I really enjoyed reading this poem- from the title, 'Flotilla' to the sense of the relationship between the two sad people, obviously at the bottom of the pile and without money or hope I loved the image of the shoe without laces in contrast to the obvious sensitivity and intelligence of the dead person. It left me wanting to read the poems s(he) left behind... Thank you Steve. Best, Maggie

message 29: by Raashida (new)

Raashida Khan Congratulations Steve. Beautifully written and emotive

message 30: by Sam (new)

Sam Intriguing and descriptive. Poems with Themed Notes

message 31: by Bill (new)

Bill Wow !! The small details of waste and loss, the avoidance of sentimental cliches, the contrast between feeling expressed and feeling implied gives great power to the poem. Not a word needs changing. I guess this is how to do it. congratulations Steve Deutsch.

message 32: by Todd (new)

Todd Coburn Wow. Powerful poem. The recognition is well deserved. Thank you for sharing.

message 33: by Terri (new)

Terri Dunham Simply beautiful!

message 34: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Congratulations! A super contest reaching out to all of us. Poetry is for everyone.

message 35: by Kinga (new)

Kinga Fabo Congrats, Steve Deutsch!

message 36: by Bronwen (new)

Bronwen Griffiths A wonderful mix of quotidian detail and emotion. Well done.

message 37: by Luz Divina (new)

Luz Divina Enhorabuena!!

message 38: by Jack (new)

Jack Bowman Nice Job !!

message 39: by Ela (new)

Ela I love this poem! Wonderful work. Congratulations!

message 40: by Susan (new)

Susan Raineri short, and SO VERY BEAUTIFUL! Bravo

message 41: by Kate (new)

Kate Robinson So gut wrenching, so precious.

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

Beautifully worded!

message 43: by Riley (new)

Riley III Wonderful and well deserved!!

message 44: by Geraldine (new)

Geraldine Cantrell Such perfectly chosen details to paint your ambivalent perspective, leave me wanting to know more about the relationship. Such subtly expressed anger, pain and envy pique my fascination. Such poetic finesse deserves a resounding Bravo!. . . and a big Thank You!

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

This is a great poem. Congratulations.

message 46: by Nancy (new)

Nancy S. Very nice. Thanks!

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

Nancy wrote: "Very nice. Thanks!"

You are welcome. Keep up the good work. Am looking forward
to reading more of your works.

message 48: by Blue (new)

Blue North It brings tears to the eyes. Thank you for writing this poem, Steve Deutsch .

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