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Today the Brandon blog hosts the talented author Bernard Foong, in appreciation of his Harem Boy’s Saga series... Bernard stopped by to answer some questions about this amazing collection of books.

Thanks for being here, Bernard. Can you tell us; what inspired you to write A Harem Boy's Saga series?

Bernard: Four years ago, after I closed my fashion boutique in Honolulu, I decided it was time to document my positive adolescent life experiences that I’ve kept under wraps for close to 40 years. That’s when A Harem Boy’s Saga; a memoir by Young (my pen-name) series was born.

An inner calling told me to document my unique education and now, is the correct moment to tell my story.

Other factors that influenced me to write A Harem Boy’s Saga; a memoir by Young (my pen-name), a seven book series are - through my autobiography I hope to:

· Provide Tolerance to Sissy Boys by educating parents/peers and the community to love and respect effeminate boys.

Anderson Cooper 360 documentary on the devastating treatment of effeminate boys influence me to tell my story.

· Avoid Bullying through Big Brother/Big Sister volunteer programs in schools or outside the school system. Older students can act as mentors to younger students. Much like the experience I went through in my unique education.

· Tolerance to Gay Adolescent - to improve parents/child/siblings relationship issues.

Support/mentorship program/programs to all parties involved, to foster understanding and acceptance of Gay teenagers.

· Provide an Alternative Educational System:

Fostering understanding Big-Brother/Big-Sister adolescent mentorship programs in schools, BB/BS as protectors to keep younger kids from being bullied.

· Provide Human Relationship Building Programs;

Between parents/teachers and young students on sexual topics/issues, especially when an adolescent is discovering their sexuality. They can be guided on a healthy and honest sexual journey instead of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” - hide it in the closet policy.

Felicity: Wow, what an awesome set of motivations! What's in the pipeline from Bernard? Tell us about your next book?

Bernard: I'm currently halfway through writing A Harem Boy's Saga - IV - Turpitude; a memoir by Young. I plan to have it publish by the late summer/early autumn of 2016.

I just signed a film contract (on Valentine's Day) with a UK/Hollywood film producer/production company. A Harem Boy's Saga - book I - Initiation is set in motion for a major film production. I'm very excited about the progress of my memoir series.

It's been in the Amazon GLBT Memoirs Bestsellers list for 15 months running since publication.

Felicity: Congratulations!
Finally, please describe your work in three words:

Enlightening, Progressive and last but not least Spiritual.

Thanks for chatting to me, Bernard!

Here's the details of where to grab your copies of these unique books:

• US amazon: http://amzn.to/1FMlHVY
• UK amazon: http://amzn.to/1DkHC8v

Check out more from Bernard here:

Website: http://aharemboysaga.com/wp/
Blog: http://bernardfoong.typepad.com/in_th...
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bfoong1


Twitter @aharemboysaga

Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1IDX5DP (contains adult contents)

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/trisf2013 (contains adult contents.)

Have a great week everyone,

Felicity Brandon
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message 1: by Young (new)

Young Young Thank You Felicity for the opportunity to be interviewed on your blog.

Best Wishes!
Bernard (Young)

message 2: by Felicity (new)

Felicity Brandon Young wrote: "Thank You Felicity for the opportunity to be interviewed on your blog.

Best Wishes!
Bernard (Young)"
Absolutely my pleasure, Bernard!

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