Damaged Souls by Jack Everett & David ColesDamaged Souls by Jack Everett and David Coles As many of you may have noticed, I love Mystery/Thriller books. I also love helping authors whenever I can. In a way, that's how I came to know Jack Everett and his friend/writing partner, David Coles. Through them, I have read the previous two books in the Detective Inspector White series. They have been kind enough to once again honor me with an Advanced Readers Copy of their latest book, Damaged Souls.

The series genre is Police Procedural. Stewart White became a Detective Inspector (DI) in the book, Damaged Goods. One of his first cases was that of Robert Cleghorn, a man who suffered a traumatic brain injury. In an unfortunate series of events, Mr. Cleghorn’s injuries cause him to turn against family, friends, and anyone who crossed his path. Especially if that person prevented him from doing what he felt he must. DI White thought he had vanquished this man but Fate had other ideas. I highly recommend reading all three books in order to get a fuller idea of what these two men have been through and why it took a series to tell their stories.

Damaged Souls incorporates the history of another man who suffered traumatic injuries that changed his life in many ways, not all of them good. The book commences with a series of events surrounding the Bosnian Conflict, where the man was a soldier. The reader discovers the relevance of this as the story progresses into present day.

I love how the authors alternate the time lines until they merge into one. Yet, while the reader is privy to the missing pieces before the police, I was still not certain if I got the puzzle figured out correctly until the end.

Jack Everett and David Coles have written several books together. Why not check them out and maybe even follow them through their Amazon Authors' Pages:

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