B*Star Kitty Press: Helping Indie Writers

In a climate that can be pretty inhospitable to budding independent writers, B*Star Kitty Press is working hard to promote and support emerging indie talent.

B*Star Kitty Press offers help with editing, proof-reading, cover art and promotion, aiming to provide aspiring authors with a launchpad and the fuel they need to achieve literary lift-off.

They're not looking for Richard & Judy/Oprah's Book Club type reads, mind you. B*Star is more interested in the fringe, transgressive, subversive, hard-to-categorise style of book. Their unofficial motto is #ReadDifferent, and different is certainly what they like.

B*Star Kitty Press provided invaluable support in getting Anhedonia out there, including hooking me up with a graphic designer who painstakingly created the cover for me based around my very vague initial concept and never got stroppy over my repeated requests to try different typefaces. They are also going to be helping me get the book in print, which will be pretty exciting.

Anhedonia by Nico Reznick

Do please check out their website. They're a great bunch at B*Star, who really do care very passionately about books and authors. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @BStarKitty, and like them on FaceBook.

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