The soul of Ernest Hemingway is most certainly alive throughout the streets and along the Malecon and in the music and the sea air, and within the hearts of the people, of Havana. For thirty-seven days, I searched and found those lovely spaces between the iconic places that stake claim to Hemingway. And those spaces are filled with inspiration and beauty and intrigue. This is what will fill the pages of my next book, due for release in the spring of 2016, Hemingway’s Havana: A Writer’s City In Words And Images.

Currently, I am sifting through my nearly 4,000 images, and pruning the prose I wrote along the way. When I do look up, I am fascinated, too, by the current news regarding the US and Cuba…I was there in Havana, in a small bar with a small television set at 10:36AM on July 20th, when the Cuban flag was raised in Washington D.C., and the experience was emotional for all who stood near me. Cubans were teary eyed and shook hands and slapped backs…all talked of the promise for a brighter future. This is a fascinating and joyous time for Cubans and for Americans, and a perfect time to experience it all though the most beloved American who ever lived and worked in Havana, Ernest Hemingway.

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Alan Really looking forward to Hemingway's Havana after such an enjoyable book as Hemingway's Paris: A Writer's City in Words and Images!

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