1# The idea behind THE BLUE

The spark of an idea

In a way, the idea for THE BLUE took root a few years ago. I was lucky enough to be invited to spend a week on board a yacht with my best friend and her extended family. Having never sailed before, it was an incredible experience to spend day and night on the water, to eat our meals on deck, to anchor in deserted lagoons, to fall asleep to the sound of waves. But what stayed with me after the trip was how interesting dynamics can be when you’re confined to the small space of a yacht, as emotions become heightened and events can quickly escalate. By the end of that trip, I knew that one day I’d set a novel on board a yacht.

Fast-forward two years; I'd just finished my second novel, A SINGLE BREATH, and was starting to muse on what I'd write next, when a yacht sailed into mind. I began wondering about this yacht, where it was going, who was on board, what those people thought of one another . . . and gradually, gradually a crew of young travellers began to form in my mind.

Turning the idea into a plot

Hugely excited about this yacht, I began scribbling down ideas. I remember that the only pen I had to hand at the time was a bright orange fineline. I filled six A4 sheets - back and front - with mad scribbles about characters, plots and settings. I was almost feverish with excitement.

After that, I hurriedly wrote the titles of several scenes I could envisage writing, and a brief description of them, and laid these out around a circular rug, suddenly seeing the plot arc come to life.


The Blue A Novel by Lucy Clarke
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Published on June 09, 2015 12:48 Tags: lucy-clarke
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message 1: by Tali (new)

Tali Hayton Amazing, I cant wait but know I wont be able to get a copy till August I think, aarrggghh...i love your books so much, having travelled a lot I just escape in to them. You are amazing.

message 2: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Clarke Thank you so much, Tali. So pleased to hear you're excited about The Blue!
Lucy x

message 3: by Liza (new)

Liza Smith I’ve read your novel The Blue, and gosh, it was the most PERFECT thriller that I’ve ever read!! The first book I read was Swimming At Night and it left very deep impressions on me, so I decided to read all of your books. Now I’m waiting for any new releases cause I’m sure they are going to be as good as your other books!!
Love, Liza 😍😍😍😍

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