3rd Novel is GAY YA

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update.

A lot of people have inquired about an Outtakes of a Walking Mistake sequel.

Unfortunately, I still believe that's a single story. I never viewed it as more than what I'd written.

However, I'm halfway done with the first draft of my third novel.

It's very GAY YA and an epic love story with a hint of otherworldly things happening. Mythical creatures, dreams and such.

I'd forgotten that I started writing to give gay kids the stories I always wanted to read as a kid.

I remember now.

Talk more soon. xx

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Published on June 02, 2015 10:49 Tags: gay-ya, lgbt, punk, queer
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message 1: by Huston (new)

Huston Piner YEA! I can't wait. Outtakes is one of the best gay YA stories of all time. And your mastery as a writer comes through even more potently on Desperation Lingers. I'll be waiting in the cyber-line for your next one! :)

message 2: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Paull Thank you kindly! I'm enjoying this writing this new one. It's a lighter tale than the last and super fun. If only I can finish it within the year. That's the challenge. :) AP

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