Spotlight: Life is Too Short by KD Forsman

The Spotlight this week is on KD Forsman with a moving and brilliant article regarding her own struggle to write and finding courage through family tragedy. She says, "I realized that we get two choices in this life. 1. Get on and do it or 2. Die wondering."

KD is a wonderful writer and author, she also gives back by offering Free Book Promotion Tweeting Services to fellow authors. All the details and links for her will be provided at the end of this article.

So without further ado, I present:
Life is Too Short by KD Forsman

Life’s too short for procrastination …
It took me ten years to pluck up the courage to get serious about my writing.

Ten years of procrastination; self-doubt and negative thoughts; a mind-set that I was not academic enough, witty enough or even interesting enough, permeated my mind and deflated my dreams of reaching out to claim the illusive title of writer as my own.

So I blogged. And I blogged. And then I blogged some more. For fun, I had my public facing blogs, my private blogs and kept a journal. Professionally, I wrote content for websites, designed brochures, marketing material and wrote business proposals; all of which provided much safer ways to express my creativity and didn’t require me to really step outside of my comfort zone and put it out there. Between blogging and my job, I have managed to keep some semblance of sanity over the years and keep my desire to write in check.

Then tragedy and a miracle happened. My mother got breast cancer and underwent a grueling series of operations and chemotherapy. Then she was diagnosed with secondary cancer in her bones. Things were not looking good. Shortly after that, my uncle was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. I was like a daughter to my uncle, we were extremely close as he had no children of his own. When he passed away last year, I was absolutely devastated and still keenly feel the loss of such a wonderful man and role model in my life. That was the tragedy. So where was the miracle you might ask?

The miracle is my mother. She has, touch wood, gone into remission. She’s responded incredibly well to her anti-cancer medication, to the extent that the cancer on her bones has disappeared. The doctors can’t explain it. She is a living miracle and we are so thankful for her health and recovery.

These two events in my life were the catalyst for my writing. Suddenly I was confronted with how short and precious life is.

I realized that we get two choices in this life. 1. Get on and do it or 2. Die wondering.

I chose the first.

So back in May 2014, I engaged the services of a writing coach and with her help, we scoped out the story of ‘Fraud & Fabrication.’ Armed with knowledge on story structure, a clear plot outline and lots of tips and tricks to keep me motivated, I managed to write my first draft by Christmas then get the book professionally edited and self-published by February 2015. It was daunting at times, but also extremely rewarding to see my book, my cover design and my work finally in print.

So please, I implore of you; don’t procrastinate your way through life letting circumstance and events determine your direction. Instead, grasp firmly onto your hopes and dreams and do what you need to do to make your dreams a reality.

Life is too short, too fleeting and too precious to fade away behind a façade of self-doubt and worry about what other people think. This is your life and your time; don’t let it pass you by.

Wonderfully said, KD.

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message 1: by Liz (new)

Liz Marshall Great article, KD. If it's any consolation, you're definitely not the only writer who should have started years earlier - yes, me, too!

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