Delores Swallows ~ Fabulous interview with British erotica author!!! ~ Great answers!

Aloha everyone! Today I have, all the way from the UK ~ British author of erotica, romance erotica and generally good stories ~ DELORES SWALLOWS! 

I've read a few of his books and stories, they're good! The characters are real, often intelligent and there's sometimes a wee twist thrown in rather subtlety. Two of my favorites come out in March (on 20th and 27th) HORS D'OEUVRES ~ (a night train Paris voyeur story) and CLOSEST STRANGERS ~ (a novella-length one which has a nice twist and believable gritty characters). And IN THE SHADOW OF THE RIOT is already released! :-)

We don't have zillion of male erotica writers who write erotica rather than porn (do not all write in to complain to me!! You all know what I mean!! LOL) 
Good story lines with lovely explicit sex in them and emotions. There's a difference! I've enjoyed hosting these men who write in this largely female dominant field. They give a fresh energy and angle to the stories they write. So welcome Del, let's ask you some questions. :-) (of which, I get excellent and interesting answers to!)
Tell our readers a wee bit about yourself. What are 5 things you wished you’d done, have done or are still to do, on the Bucket List? :-)

1. There are so many things I’d like to see before I pop my clogs. I wish I’d ‘gone to see the world’ when I was younger, rather than doing the ‘sensible thing’ of getting my qualifications and a steady job. 
I’ve visited some great places, but still on my ‘wish list’ are The Great Barrier Reef, Yellowstone National Park and the Serengeti. I’d also like to see Everest – but only from a distance. I have no ambitions to climb it, but I wouldn’t mind having a go at Kilimanjaro.

The Northern Lights is another thing I’d love to witness, and to show my children. I remember taking my youngest son outside to lie on a hammock one night to watch a comet shower. For us all to lie on a blanket and watch the whole sky changing colours would be pretty special, and something they’d remember for their whole lives.

2. I enjoy music, and write songs as well as stories. Now I’ve finally lost my virginity as far as publishing my stories is concerned, I’d love to record some of my songs. I have a few friends who also play, and they’re up for it. It’s just a matter of getting us all together for the time it would take. I have all the software I need on my pc to do it, but would love the chance to work with professional engineers and producers in a real studio.
One of my published stories, In the Shadow of The Riot, is about a punk band. My ideal scenario would be for that to be made into a film and for me to write the musical score. Some of the song titles and lyrics within the story are actually from songs I wrote when I was in a punk band, years ago.
It’s 1979 and Britain’s still clinging on to the punk rock era. Jag’s band Frenzy has been invited to join two other bands as support acts for The Riot as they tour the Midlands. Is it all sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll?No, but two out of three ain’t bad.
3. I’d like to write a mainstream story so I can include torture, murder, rape, cannibalism, under-age sex, bestiality and all my other fetishes which I’m not allowed to include in my erotic writing. Okay – that’s not entirely true. But I do intend writing a smut-free story, and am considering using the pen name Millicent Spits.
4. I’ve always been interested in wild life, and have a special fascination for sharks and whales. I went swimming with sharks in the Caribbean a few years back. They weren’t man-eaters, but they were about 9 foot-long with big ragged teeth. As Paul Merton would say – ‘You wouldn’t want one of them swimming up your arse’.

I’ve also been scuba-diving in The Maldives. Although I saw turtles, stingrays and a variety of fantastic coral and fish, I was disappointed at the time because I knew on the previous day the divers had encountered a whale shark. Seeing that would have made my year!One thing I’d love to do is go on a whale-watching trip and see orcas leaping out of the sea.
I suppose if I could choose any one living creature to see before I die, it’d be a blue whale. I know size isn’t everything, but to actually see the biggest living creature in the world would be pretty cool.
5. I’d like to design (with the help and advice of an architect) our own house, and then oversee the building of it. My wife is really into this idea, too – so the hardest part for me might be getting her to agree to include any of my ideas. But I really admire people who come up with a plan for their dream home, and then spend all their time and energy working hard to make it a reality. I think you’d get a fantastic sense of achievement when you sit down at the end and look round your home and see the result of all your ideas and hard work.

Tell us about the genre you write, why do you love it and how did you get into it?
I think I write erotica, but people tell me if there’s a HEA ending it can be termed erotic romance because that’s easier to market. Not all of my stories have a happy ending, but I like to think that most of them have a believable and interesting plot.
I suppose like any normal person, I used to think about sex and situations that I found appealing as a way to pass the time if I was doing a task that didn’t need much thought – cutting the grass, painting the house, or something like that. Sometimes an idea would stick with me, and my mind would work it into a scene that could actually happen.  After a while I started to write short stories around them for my own entertainment.
A couple of years later I did a web-search and found an erotic writer’s site called The Fish Tank(can be found under I read a few stories there, and then started posting my own. I received a lot of help and advice from the other members, and I still use the forum now. 
Last year one of the members suggested I also joined ERWA, and that was the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s full of talented and knowledgeable people who are very generous with their time and advice. Thanks to the advice and help I received from them I’ve now started getting my own stories published. I’ve had four published so far, and there are another four scheduled for release in March. By the end of the year I should have over twenty stories available.

What’s your most favorite restaurant in the world? Where, why and the best dish/es they make?
I don’t know about listing them as my favourite restaurants, but the two meals that stick in my mind after several years were both eaten in places we visited while on holiday.
The first was a small diner in Chicago, which I don’t know the name of. We ate breakfast sitting at tables on the side-walk. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and I had eggs Benedict, which also had a layer of spinach, and was absolutely fantastic. At the next table, a guy ordered a bottle of Evian water for his pet dog. Maybe little Fido didn’t like tap water. I didn’t point out that Evian spelt backwards is naïve!
The second was a place called Barrique in the Old Town district of Zurich. It’s more of a wine bar that also does food, and I had a steak that was faultless. But the main thing I remember is the wine list. It was incredible – I’ve never been anywhere with such a wide selection of great wine. Just before we were due to leave, we combined all our Swiss francs and went back there to enjoy one final bottle while we waited for our train back to Germany.

Remember those ads for Expedia (if not, just play along) that asked, ‘If you could go anywhere in the world, but have to go right now?’ Where would you have gone and would you have said to YES to right now? What pulls and entices you to that country?
I’d go to Africa. I’m so jealous of all my friends and family members who’ve been there and gone on safaris. Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa – I wouldn’t mind which as long as I could see the wildlife. I want to see a sunset with animals wandering beneath Baobab trees.
New Zealand is another place that really appeals. I think my wife would prefer NZ, so maybe we’ll have to save up and have two trips.
What parts of you, are incorporated into your characters?
I like to think my sense of humour shows up in a lot of my characters. I keep the physical parts of me out of my stories, because nobody wants to read about a fat bloke who’s hung like a hamster. No, that’s a joke. Honest.
I try and make my stories ‘believable’ - and often put myself in the position of some of my characters to see what response I’d give if I was in a similar situation to my character.  
A lot of my stories have a voyeuristic slant, and that is probably a characteristic of mine that I hadn’t known about (or maybe ‘admitted to’ would be more accurate), before I started writing.
Should I mention again that the hamster reference was just a joke, or would it sound like I’m paranoid now? (Meg: Yeahhh... maybe a wee bit paranoid, but don't let me stop you... LOL)

Favorite male hero/public figure you admire in the world, dead or alive, and why?
I could list a lot of people here, just to show how shallow I am. As a kid growing up, I loved football (soccer) and music. All through my teens my hero was John Lennon. When I started playing guitar I got into the music of Neil Young, and I’ve been a fan of his ever since. I like the way he veers off and changes his music, following whatever path appeals to him without caring about markets, or even how it’s received by his fans. Although I don’t like every song he’s ever done, I have to admire his ability to experiment with so many different sounds. And he’s written some fabulous songs.
Another person I have a lot of respect for is Cristiano Ronaldo. I remember reading the coaches at Manchester United said he trained harder than anyone – he’d spend more time in the gym and more time practicing on the pitch. A lot of football fans love to hate him, but I think for a person who has more natural talent than everyone else, to show that sort of commitment and dedication to being the best he can be is a really good quality. And I have paid money to watch him play many times.
But I suppose if I had to name the person who’s life achievements I admire the most, it would be Nelson Mandela. Reading his autobiography ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ is a humbling experience. The things he and others like him had to endure are unbelievable. As I read the book I felt ashamed to be white. Yet even after all that had happened to him, when he was finally released from Robben Island, he still showed so much dignity. An amazing person.

Favorite female heroine/public figure you admire in the world, dead or alive, and why?
The first name that springs to mind here is JK Rowling. I loved the entire Harry Potter thing – it showed she has a fantastic imagination. Not just the idea and incredible story plots and twists, but little things like the terms and phrases she used for magic spells. I think it’s all really clever. 
My eldest daughter was a teenager when the first ones came out, and she got me into them. That’s the only time I’ve pre-ordered more than one copy of a new book at a time, because we all wanted to read the latest installment as soon as it was released.
I have also read and really enjoyed the novels she’s written since. It takes a special writer to make a story about local councilors interesting! I love both the Cormorant Strike books, and hope she carries on with the series because yet again she’s invented some great characters. She also does a lot of work for children’s charities, which is another good reason for choosing her.
In addition to all that, I find her very easy on the eyes, and I think she’d be excellent company at a dinner party. I’m sure that with her talent and imagination, she could also write much better erotica than most of us manage!

Have you ever had a character just “do their own thing?” Have you ever had an argument with one of your characters? Or anything else odd happen?
Yes, frequently. When I first get an idea for a story I usually write it down in bullet-point form. Not necessarily scenes, but just what takes place in order to get to where I want the story to go. Then when I start actually writing the story, the characters come to life and get an identity of their own. Quite often some of the original ideas in the bullet-points don’t seem to be appropriate for the characters anymore, because that’s not who they turned out to be. Does that make sense?

What’s your passion in life?
I’m sure I should list a lot of things here that would be more in keeping with trying to be a writer. I do love making things up – be it stories, songs, or just excuses for the wife when I haven’t done all of my chores…
But I think my real passion now is my family. I have three fabulous grown-up children from my first marriage, and I love spending time with them. They each have their own great personality, I am very proud of them all. 
I re-married in 2001 and we have two young children aged four and three. They are both fantastic and a joy to be with. I am now a house-husband and look after the kids while my wife works away during the week. But understandably she finds not seeing the kids every day very difficult, so our current situation will have to be temporary. Once she decides where she wants to work and live, we’ll move so we can all be together full time.
What’s your writer’s routine? Do you write whenever or at certain times? Are you a pantser or plotter? Where do you like to write?
I write at a desk in a spare bedroom. It’s the room where all my guitars are, and I have a desk in the corner with a pc. I have recently bought a laptop, but think I’ll still set it up on my desk and work there. Once I’ve got the kids to school and nursery, I theoretically have a few hours during the day to write. But there are always chores to do, either in the house or garden. And real life gets in the way, so I don’t have as much time as you’d think. 
Once the kids are asleep, I tend to go back into my ‘den’ and write during the evenings rather than watching TV.
I kind of ‘plot’ – but often things take a turn I hadn’t plotted, so maybe I’m a bit of a pantser, too.
Isn't this the coolest room!!
If you could pick a past life, what time period would appeal to you and why? Would you be male or female? Rich or poor?
I grew up watching cowboy films, and have always had a fascination for the old west. But rather than being a cowboy, the life that appeals to me the most would be that of the Native Americans. I think their life must have been idyllic before the arrival of the settlers – riding bareback on black and white horses surrounded by fantastic scenery, and spending your nights in a teepee with a pretty squaw under your buffalo-skin rug. It sounds like a good life to me. So I’d choose that, but preferably before the arrival of us ‘pale-faces’.

How do you come up the names for your characters? Do they just pop in ‘out of the blue.’ Or do you have to really think about them and research them?
This can be the hardest part for me. I try and use names that I’ve come across in real life (I don’t have characters called Chardonnay or Quentin), but I also don’t want to use names of people I’m close to. So none of my character names are the same as members of my family, or close friends. Once I give a name to a character, they then take on that name. Sometimes I realise later a friend’s wife or child is called by the same name, but by then the character is already real to me, so it doesn’t matter.

What new things have are you working on?
The story I’m working on at the moment is called Stranger than Fiction (not original, I know). It’s about a guy who writes erotic fiction, and in his current story he writes a scene where the female main character has unfulfilling sex. Then she turns up in his real life, complaining about her lack of satisfaction and asking him to write her a better love life. I wrote half of it a few months back, and am now finishing it off. I’m really enjoying it – it’s a change from my others because I usually try and keep them as ‘realistic’ as I can. Like all my other stories, I’m trying to include some humour in there too, and this story-line is a great vehicle for that.
I also have a series of short stories called Pillow Talk, where we take a peek inside a different bedroom for each one. They involve couples having intimate conversations in bed, which leads to them having sex. I’ve got seven already written, and have ideas for the next three. When I get stuck on longer stories I often visit this series to get a few ideas written down.

The Pillow Talk series takes a fleeting glimpse inside private bedrooms. We find couples having intimate conversations, which inevitably lead to them having hot sex. They reveal histories, fantasies, confessions, and we get to enjoy them all.
In #1, Debbie reveals the chills and thrills she'd shared with an ex-boyfriend, while John confesses to enjoying a previous girlfriend's exhibitionism.AMAZON

Alison confesses to an indiscretion with someone else. But instead of being angry, Chris seems to find it strangely arousing…


​​Delores Swallows has been writing erotica for a number of years. Delores is also a songwriter, over-worked husband and father, ex-research chemist and qualified plumber.If you would like to give feedback on his stories or contact him, you can do so via e-mail or twitter @deloresswallowsIf you would like to get a free short story and updates on all new releases, simply join the mailing list by writing to his e-mail address above. 

Here's a taste of other books from Del which might interest you: 

When Kerry's husband finds out he's going to be spending several hours on a train, he asks her to break the monotony by sending him sexy text messages. She does this and finds herself enjoying them much more than she'd expected to. She reveals fantasies they'd never spoken about face to face. But then he calls to announce he's lost his mobile phone. Does this mean she's been sharing sex-filled texts with a stranger, or is he actually trying to see how she reacts to the possibility it's someone else?

A hot ménage story.
Dirty-talk about a threesome is an effective way for Sophie and Jim to enhance their sex life. But who could they trust to turn their fantasy into reality? They don’t feel comfortable involving a total stranger, but inviting a close friend may lead to complications afterwards… But then an opportunity presents itself that is too good to miss, and they discover Jim gets even more out of the tryst than they expected.

Releasing on the 15th March 2015
During an intimate conversation, Nick had asked his wife Molly about her ultimate sexual fantasy. She'd revealed it would be a threesome with two men, preferably in a hot-tub. After further questioning it became evident that Molly had given the idea quite some thought, because she already had an entire 'script' for how the evening should go. Nick had since re-visited their conversation many times in his own head, and soon realised how much the idea appealed to him. 
Two years after their original conversation and they book into a resort set high in the Swiss Alps. They have everything they need except the third party. All they have to do to make their fantasy into reality is to let Molly take her pick from the many visiting hikers. She chooses a Frenchman called Claude. 
Now all that's left is for Nick to see if Molly can 'direct' proceedings to get her ultimate fantasy exactly how she wants it. He also wants to see how his own feelings cope, because her fantasy had now become his obsession.
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