Awsome Ole Oprey

I went to the Grand Ole Oprey yesterday. It was awesome. Really enjoyed the music and the whole atmosphere. I had no idea that it was a live radio show as well.
We walked into Nashville Downtown today. What a lively town. With an ice hockey match also on in town, it was a little busy, but the place was buzzing.
Ok, I know I am supposed to be writing and publishing, but there is so much to see and do around here in Nashville.

Touching Ed is about to be made available as an Ebook. I am thinking of using Goodreads Giveaway option as a promotional point. I would be interested if anyone can tell me the best option for this. Has anyone entered a giveaway? How many books being given away is an attractive offer?
What sort of time length is the best.
Any advice would be helpful. Thank you
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Published on February 07, 2015 18:30 Tags: giveaways, grand-ole-oprey, nashville, publishing
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