I ran a letter from some reader who had gone to the little conference on geocentrism that Bob Sungenis put on somewhere back in the midwest. It was a pretty sardonic account, written in decidely non-journalist style by some random reader I don't know, about the crackpots and cranks who live in Sungenis' fever swamp of conspiracy and quack science.  It spoke dismissively of both Sungenis' and E. Michael Jones talks and didn't even make an effort to take seriously junk that, frankly, nobody in their senses would make an effort take seriously.  In the course of the letter, one of the things the guy said was that if the conference organizers wanted to discredit their quackery forever, then they should just go ahead and make the DVDs available.

The more I thought about that, the more reasonable it seemed. So I decided to take down the guy's letter since I had not been there and didn't know how accurate it was about details.  About that time, I also got a couple of screaming letters from Sungenis and Jones, who were suddenly greatly concerned about accuracy (a point they are not always consistent on, as I shall demonstrate in a moment).  So I decided, "Fine.  If they send me any links to their junk, I'll post it and let my masochistic readers decide what they think of this silly stuff." After much huffing and puffing, Jones agreed.  I dunno what Sungenis plans to do beyond his threats to "expose" me again.

Accordingly, Jones put up a link to his talk at the Sungenis Festival of Science Quackery, in case you have a burning need to know how Newton fits into the Vast Heliocentric Conspiracy. As I thought, my reader, who was in any case there on a lark and not as a reporter, indeed took great liberties with the facts in reporting Jones' talk, but generally captured the conspiratorial tone of the thing. Of course, what Jones has posted is only the text of his talk. What sort of Q and A or small talk took place among the conference participants the rest of the day I don't know. Maybe my reader was reacting to that. It's hard to say. But in any case, while I apologize for regarding the letter as a sort of wacky opinion piece or crazy travelogue and not bothering to verify it before posting it, I don't think I can be faulted too much for thinking he had probably captured the spirit of the day.

After all, Sungenis (who is enthusiastically published by Jones with pieces like Sungenis' Is the SSPX Anti-Semitic? sitting cheek by jowl with Jones' "Rabbinical Despotism" and "Holocaust Denial and Thought Control: Deborah Lipstadt at Notre Dame University") did give two enthusiastic thumbs up to Jones' The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit).  And Sungenis was brought on board and welcomed by Jones' crew *after* having established a long paper trail like this:
A) Sungenis: "the figure of six million Jews dying under Hitler's regime is even admitted by informed Jews to be mere propaganda." (link)

B) Sungenis: "95% of the Jews today still despise Jesus Christ." [link]

D) Sungenis: "As we have noted in previous articles, it is no secret to the well-informed that it is the goal of world politics and finance, which is run in large part by wealthy Jews behind the scenes, to secure the Middle East for Israel." [link]

E) Sungenis: "Other Catholic organizations are also becoming fronts for Zionism. Catholic Answers in San Diego and the Eternal World Television Network seem to be the two mainstays. They are enamored with Jewish converts, but do very little to censor the erroneous theology being propagated by them." [link]

F) Sungenis: "In fact, the concentration camps and genocide instigated by the Jewish communists in Russia against Christians and other groups dwarf those against the Jews in Nazi Germany. Hitler was merely modeling what was already practiced in Russia, a fact ignored by such Jewish authors as Daniel Goldhagen. Contrasted to the dozens of concentration camps in Hilter's regime, the Russian Jews had thousands of such camps…but evidence of these camps have been systematically destroyed and their existence denied by the Jewish controlled media in Russia and the United States." [link]

G) Sungenis: "A telltale sign in the movie industry of the shift in mores was demonstrated no better than in the Walt Disney Corporation. Founder Walter Disney was well-known in the 50s and 60s for wholesome family entertainment. Interestingly enough, Walt had a policy of not hiring Jewish people." [link]

H) Sungenis: "Often the Zionist agenda of Hollywood's elite subtly but effectively misdirects the public. Stephen Speilberg is one such example. While inoculating movie-goers with fantasy films such as Jurassic Park, E. T., Jaws and War of the Worlds, at the same time Spielberg promotes his own political sympathies, such as the four-hour long Shindler's List, which, among other things, depicts scenes of Jewish people jammed in cattle cars. Spielberg would never consider making a film of his ancestors from Russia packing millions of Christians and Muslims in the same cattle cars which were sent by Jewish communists to the Gulag, where most were raped, tortured and killed. The "Holocaust" is all we are allowed to see by the Jewish-controlled media." [link]

I) Sungenis: "We also know through the exhaustive effort of Michael Collins Piper's new 738- page book, Final Judgment, how Bronfman (note: a Jew) is implicated in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The story begins when Kennedy refused to capitulate to Israel's demand for nuclear weapons, and you can probably guess the rest of the story." [link]

J) Sungenis: "Today we get deviant sexual advice from such Jewish matrons as Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and questionable behavioral advice from Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Ann Landers (formerly Esther Friedman Lederer) and her sister Abigail van Buren (Pauline Esther Friedman Phillips)." [link]

K) Below, note the manner in which Bob at least affirms his belief that it is likely FDR was effectively a Zionist agent who purposely allowed Pearl Harbor to occur (from his 2002 article and a subsequent article in response to Bill Cork): [link , link]

1) (Sungenis): "President Roosevelt had a part in (the Zionist conspiracy) himself. Being of Jewish ancestry, he was sympathetic to their cause...."

2) (Sungenis): "To him (Bill Cork) it doesn't matter whether Roosevelt was hiding his possible Zionist ties or whether he had a hand in Pearl Harbor."

4) (Sungenis): "It wasn't until he was cornered by a reporter from the Detroit Jewish Chronicle that Roosevelt could not deny it any longer. And why is that important? Because if Mr. Roosevelt would conceal the possible Zionist influences in his life from those voting for him, then he might also conceal other things."

M) Sungenis: "Christianity is certainly not inherently violent, but unfortunately, Judaism tends to be, because real Judaism considers all non-Jews goyim that are less than animals, and this precipitates a loathing and violence against non-Jews." From Question #8, January 2006

P) Sungenis: "The Jews...do intend to rule the world. And now the problem is that they want to rule the Catholic Church, too." From Question #47, November 2006

Q) Sungenis: "Are the Protocols (of the Elders of Zion) forged? I don't know. What I do know is that there is a lot of reason to believe that there are certain people, yes, the Jews, who would like us all to believe that they are forged." Article, p. 16

S) Sungenis: "You know, the thing about Bill Clinton was, you know, he tried to secure this peace accord between Israel and the Arabs and wasn't successful with that, and he did some other things that the Jews didn't like, because he got some power under him and he thought he could, you know, do whatever he wanted and then they, you know, they sent Monica Lewinski in there after him, you know, and brought him down." Radio interview with RBN: Segment 1, Segment 2, Segment 3

T) Sungenis Radio Interview:


To take this slightly away from religion, or, mostly away from religion for a little bit, I think the whole thing can best be explained by Benjamin Franklin's statement to the Continental Congress in 1789, when he warned them, "Gentleman, if you let them in, in 200 years your children - your descendants, they will be in the fields as slaves, while the ones you let in" - and we know who they're talking about - "will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands."

That was Benjamin Franklin's statement, and I think it explains the whole thing. Because the man knew, he was a student of history - and he wasn't the only one - but he was a student of history who knew - he knew what they'd done in Europe, and all the countries in Europe that they'd been kicked out of, over and over again, because it's the same game plan for these people, no matter where they are, where they go, it's always the same game plan - has been for 2,000 years.


Yeah, as a matter of fact, just to add to what you're saying - we've been quoting Benjamin Ginzberg a lot on this program, and here's what he says,along those same lines - he says, "to make matters worse, Jews often, secretly or not so secretly, conceive themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to their neighbors. Indeed, Jews are extremely successful outsiders who sometimes have the temerity to rub it in."

That comes from *The Fatal Embrace*, page Roman numeral nine. Now, and on the other side of this coin, you know, we've got to be very cautious, because these are human beings too. Jews are human beings, and God loves them just like He loves you and I --


According to the Talmud, they are the *only* human beings. The rest of us are cattle.


Well, yeah, and that's where the problem comes in.


Absolutely, so that's exactly what you're saying, but in a different way.


Right, right, and what I find in, especially today, is this idea that has been resurgent since after World War II, and that is that the Jews are the Chosen People - that this somehow has come to the fore again, that all of a sudden, 2,000 years has gone by and God has resurrected them as the Chosen People above everybody else - and this is where institutions like EWTN, or the liberal Catholics, or the Zionists, or the Evangelical Protestants, or whatever - this is all what they're feeding off of, that the Jews are the Chosen People and now we have to restore them to their rightful place - and it's causing a lot of problems, because once you do that, you're gonna push other people out of the way!

(Use same links to radio interview in item "Q", directly above)

Also, as Sungenis has done with fraudulent quotes (attributed to Albert Einstein, Roy Schoeman and others), his "caller" attributed a fraudulent quote to Benjamin Franklin which Bob accepted without question.

U) Sungenis: "James Petras gives us the full blown story that you won't hear on ABC News, CNN or in the Washington Post, dominated as they are by the Jewish-owned media conglomerates."

"The Jews are godless and getting more ungodly with each passing day." Article, page 1

V) From: Adventures in Blogland:

1) Sungenis: "I am merely doing the same thing Jesus did when he confronted the sins of the Jews…Unfortunately, the Jews haven't changed in our day. They are still the same godless racists they were in Jesus' day. Few of them have repented of their sins." (page 10)

2) Sungenis: "The nation of Israel has control of AMDOCS, the central telephone operation in the United States. It's one way the Mossad spies on American citizens, including you and those you talk to." (page 30)

3) Sungenis: "Do I need to say more? I have the whole history of Catholicism behind me, and these Fathers, Doctors, Saints and the God-Man himself said much worse things about the Jews than I ever have. What is really happening today folks is that we have been taken over by Jewish propaganda, and there are a few Catholic/Jewish ideologues…Many of them are paid handsomely by Zionist groups to say whatever they can to silence people like me. They are bent on promoting the godless state of Israel for some pie-in-the-sky dream they have, even against their own Catholic religion (at least that's the religion they claim to have), and they will smear anyone who gets in their way. The Jews have done this for centuries against good people, and it continues today." (page 19)

From: Adventures in Blogland

W) Sungenis:

"the Jewish element has so infected our Catholic Church today that they have turned Catholics into Jewish apologists. The infection of Judaism and Zionism has become the number one enemy for us." From Question #33, March 2007

Y) Sungenis:

"The whole tenor of the New Testament is that God is finally rejecting the Jews (except for a remnant)...God is giving up on the Jews. In the language of John 6:44, God is no longer going to draw them to Jesus. In fact, God will become active in keeping them in unbelief by blinding them to the truth (Romans 11:8). That is the kind of God we have; a very dynamic God...and the Jews will die in their unbelief." Second Rebuttal to Dr. James R. White

Z) Sungenis:

"How is it that the Jews have garnered such a market on suffering that Bishop Rhoades finds it necessary to pay homage to them? Is it because they own the mortgages on the Catholic buildings erected in his and other dioceses?"


"It's time for people to wake up and stop being corralled by the Jewish slave masters."

From: Our Response to Shea

AA) From: Radio Interview on Republic Broadcasting Network

Sungenis: "every place that [the Jews] have beeen throughout history, they have been excised. Because they do the same thing every time they go in there, they try to take over places that they go to! And every time they do, people get wise to it, just we're doing now, and they get themselves in trouble. And then they wonder why they're so persecuted, and vagabonds across the face of the earth for the last 2,000 years – well this is why!"

BB) Sungenis: "it is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that six million Jews were killed in Nazi internment camps." (October, 2009)

DD) Sungenis: "The documented records of the International Red Cross show that there were less than a few hundred thousand Jews who died in Nazi camps, and that most of those were from disease." (October, 2009)

(Click here to see a refutation of this claim often made by Holocaust deniers and "revisionists". According to the International Committee of the Red Cross itself, this is not what these records "show.")

EE) Sungenis: "I suggest you read the unsanitized accounts of what really happened [in the Holocaust]. When the Jews and Jewish sympathizers start showing proof that the Nazis killed 6 million Jews by gassing them, instead of jailing people for even bringing up the question, then you you can talk about Nazis and I'll listen." (Note how Sungenis here describes the "revisionist" version of the Holocaust as "unsanitized accounts of what really happened.")

GG) Sungenis: "I suggest you stop blaming it on the nation who excised [the Jews] and start looking at what the Jewish people do to get themselves excised."

HH) Sungenis: "As for Germany's relationship with the Jews, well, the Germans treated the Jews very nicely when the Jews were excised out of Russia and migrated to Germany. Then the Jews turned on the Germans because they got a better deal from someone else."

Yes. You read that last link right. The Holocaust was that reprehensible period when the Jews turned on the Germans because they got a better deal from someone else. That's the crowd my reader was moving among as he recorded his impressions of the conference: the crowd who were there to celebrate the intellectual achievements of E. Michael Jones and his good, good friend and intellectual co-belligerent in the Culture Wars, Robert Sungenis. So I think I can be forgiven for not instantly finding my reader's account utterly incredible, particularly in light of Bob's immortal essay chronicling how the Jew Einstein, who was Jewish, posited the Jewish theory of relativity, which led directly to priestly pedophilia:

No. Really.

In closing, let me add that you should all be sure to rush out and get Bob's recommended Book of the Month! No, seriously. It's right there on his site:

Would it be mean of me to also note that every Catholic torture defender's absolute favorite theologian, Fr. Brian Harrison, also took time out of his busy schedule to write a carefully parsed, lawyerly, and deeply Clintonian defense of Sungenis' defiance of his bishop (a defiance which played out, in part, with Jones publishing Sungenis' various charges that his bishop was a heretic propagating false teaching out of a greater allegiance to Judaism than to the Catholic faith and persecuting him for saying so)? Yes, probably it is mean to mention that. But I think I'll mention it anyway since so many people are so deeply enamored of Fr. Harrison's careful, lawyerly and Clintonian parsing of the obvious meaning of the Catechism when it comes to torture.

Oddly, on both Sungenis and the matter of torture, Fr. Harrison is absolutely and totally alone in the Catholic theological community in staking out these positions. You simply don't find any other theologians or scholars adding their voices to his. Now that could be because he is Athanasius contra mundi, bravely defending the Church's rich heritage of torture against wussy Spirit of Vatican II modernists and courageously standing up for the Prophet Sungenis against a rotten-to-the-core heretic Jew-lover of a bishop who probably doesn't even admit that the Jews turned on the Germans in the Holocaust. But much more likely, it's because he staked out a position that is extremely dubious and Catholics who bet the farm on his opinion being validated by the Church are going to lose their farm.

At any rate, if Sungenis or Jones or the other conference participants want to keep sending me links, I will post them and the three readers who care about their stuff can read it.

And, of course, I will reserve the right to further commentary. :)[image error]
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