A New Year's Baby

Some writers have compared the process of writing and publishing a book to pregnancy and childbirth. As someone who's done both, I understand the analogy - although my novels have definitely taken longer to create than nine months. Each journey required love and labor pains.
Tomorrow, on New Year's Day, my newest novel Magic Numbers - the actuary's diary will finally be delivered!

This month I've been reading Nick Hornby's soon-to-be-released Funny Girl set in 1960s London. For Christmas I received a most beautiful book from my daughter: Pioneer Girl - The Annotated Autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder. If ever there was a book that felt special when I first held it in my hands and began turning the pages, this is the book. Published by the South Dakota Historical Society Press, this was truly a labor of love "for generations of readers inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder's life and work."

With final editing deadlines for both the fifth edition of Let's Take the Kids to London, and Magic Numbers overlapping this month, most of my writing has been in the form of editing.
Meanwhile, I'm still experiencing "travel afterglow" from our autumn in London. Since returning home I've managed to begin capturing my thoughts and feelings about the trip. The new year should provide more time for what we're calling On Our Own in London.

With guests for the holidays I pulled out some favorite family recipes. Our farmers market is winding down but there are still potatoes, fennel, and plenty of apples. With these I made two winter dishes: roasted apple/pear sauce using maple syrup for the sweetener; and fennel and yukon gold potatoes braised in chicken broth.

Bringing a new book into the marketplace is no small feat. It doesn't matter whether an author is self-publishing or working with a publisher - both ways require an enormous amount of work long after the author is done writing. (I speak from experience with both.)
I'm hopeful Magic Numbers will find an audience as fans of the excerpts finally get to learn what happens to Merlin and Nance. Happy reading!
Funny Girl by Nick Hornby , Pioneer Girl The Annotated Autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder , Let's Take the Kids to London by David Stewart White , Magic Number – the actuary's diary by Deb Hosey White
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