Honest but dark places

Some of these feelings are embarrassing, but I am being honest. I am showing that we don’t always think clearly during a relationship's ups and downs. You are not alone if you do. I dwelled to my own detriment a lot of the time.
JD and I were always civil and respectful to each other. We never raised a hand to one another, or even raised our voices. There were no ugly name calling or lies told. Even without those things that our minds can wander. Dwelling on problems, no matter how small may be the demise of most broken relationships.
JD and I are good together, but even the best of relationships have their moments. I am telling this story mostly about those moments. Doubtful moments can pull the most well rounded person into chaos and find their darkest places.
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Published on December 21, 2014 09:59 Tags: relationship-problems
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